How to Grow your Audience with Thank You Pages

Online Marketing Strategy: How to Grow your Audience with Thank You Pages

As you come up with an online marketing strategy, you should never forget that you are dealing with people. Politeness goes a long way. Just like you would say 'thank you', and 'please' in a one-on-one conversation, you should include some politeness in your marketing strategy. One of the ways to go about this is via using Thank You pages.

What is a Thank You Page?

It is a webpage where you send your audience after they have completed actions on your site. They could have subscribed to your newsletter, bought your product, entered a contest or even used your services. A Thank you page is usually a customized page. It has a killer call to action which leads your customers further down the sales funnel.

Benefits of a Thank You Page

A Thank You page helps you to create a cycle which converts unsure visitors to customers. Not everyone who visits your site is ready to buy, but they could subscribe to your blog. You should have a sign up form and invite them to sign up. Some may only be willing to follow you on Twitter, Facebook or other social media platforms. Those that buy your product or use your service should be driven toward more purchases. You can recommend products or services, or aim time-sensitive promo codes at them.
If contests are part of your online marketing strategy, they shouldn’t end it at winning the prize. The contestants should be driven through a low-pressure sales funnel.

You need to direct them to your Thank You page which includes a call to action. Invite the contestants to watch exclusive content, where you share some tips. The video should have so much value, allowing you to advertise your eBook, for instance. Remember, the contestants are watching as they hope to win the prize. At the end of the eBook, invite them to join your course. Your marketing strategy should always aim at driving your audience from step to step.

Contents of a Thank You page

- Call to Action

The most important aspect of a Thank You page is a call to action. As much as it is a way to thank your visitors or contestants, you should benefit from it in some way. You must say 'thank you', but you should direct your audience to do more. For example, you should have social media buttons on your Thank You page. Since your audience has already connected with you, they are more likely to continue the engagement on social media.

- Signing up for a Newsletter

You can invite contestants, people who have signed up for a course or webinar, customers who have bought a product or people who have sent emails via a 'contact us' form to your Thank You page. This is an opportunity to grow your subscriber list.

You can ask them to sign up for your newsletter. To do this, explain that you share subscriber only news and updates. You could also share how frequently you will share the updates and some of the benefits of subscribing to the newsletter, for instance, coupons, promos and private events.

- Sharing

This marketing strategy is very effective for contests. Since you want many people to participate, you could encourage the participants to share the contest on social media and via email. Just write something to make sharing easy for them. If you are using WordPress, just install the Tweet plugin. This will make it very easy for your audience to comply.

- Follow

On your Thank you page, you can invite your audience to follow you on social media. As you interact with your followers on social media, your visibility on feeds increases.

- Referrals

An effective online marketing strategy is asking for referrals as you thank your visitors on your Thank You page. Ask them to invite other people to subscribe, buy a product, use your service, or follow you on social media. An incentive will work best. The incentive could be a promo code if the referral is successful. You can also increase the chances of winning a contest by adding some entries for successful referrals. This is a win-win, where your audience benefits, and you benefit too.

- Survey

You could do a survey on your Thank You page. You could ask your audience questions like why they entered the contest, subscribed to your newsletter, or signed up for your webinar. Some of the questions you can ask include:
  •  How did you get to know us?
  •  What would you like to learn most about our brand? (or a particular topic)
You can make it multiple choice or leave it open ended. This technique will help you narrow down on your marketing strategy. Since you will have an idea of their goals and needs, you will be able to improve your strategy.

Other tips for a Survey

  •  Ask 5 to 10 questions - this way, participants will not quit halfway. Asking few questions also shows that you value their time.
  •  Tell the participants how long the survey will take - this increases the chances of participation.
  •  Google Forums - this tool allows you to create surveys. You will view your responses in a spreadsheet.
  •  What to ask - list things that you would like to ask your audience, or those that you would like to know about them.

- Reward

Rewards should be a crucial part of your online marketing strategy. For instance, if your business is a tours and travel company, you could have a link on your Thank you page that leads to a free book on travel hacks.

- A 'tell us more about yourself'

This is almost similar to a survey. However, you ask your customers to answer questions by leaving a comment. The information is used to create more content, for instance, blog posts, products and services that your audience will need. Some questions you could ask here include:
  •  What are your goals this year?
  •  What do you find most annoying in (your niche)


As you can see, you can use a Thank You page in your marketing strategy. Incorporate techniques in your online marketing strategy as you say 'thank you'.

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