6 Cost Effective Ways to Implement Online Marketing Strategies

Online Marketing Strategies

It is every business owner’s and marketer’s dream to maximize profits while minimizing costs. You therefore need to keep looking for a marketing strategy that will drive up sales with minimal cost. Every marketing campaign should give a business tangible results as far as the investment is concerned. One does not need to be overly dramatic or use tons of money to be different. In this article we take a look at the top online marketing strategies that can be used by any marketer working on a tight budget.

1. Retargeting your advertisements at less than a dollar per day

Marketers can use the cookie based technology. This is where java script codes anonymously follow your site visitors across the internet. You are therefore able to retarget them using ads. This ultimately increases your online sales as it ensures that your advertisement follows your site visitors to other sites that they visit after visiting yours.

The advantage of using retargeting cookies is that it is very cheap. It will only cost you $0.7. Better still, it focuses on people who have shown interest in your product or services by visiting your site.

Once an advert is created, it is sure to populate the most visited sites by web browsers such as Yahoo, Bing, and ESPN among others. Marketers who have adopted this technique are amazed at the number of impressions they get for less than a dollar a day.

2. Get published on popular blogs in your niche

It may be a challenge to get to the front page of a popular magazine. However, a smart marketing strategy would be getting published on popular blogs in your niche. All you need to do is identify a number of blogs that target your audience and get in contact with the content creator. You can give them some ideas that will add more value to their readers. Some of the things you may do include but are not limited to:
  •  Giving them ideas on the blog posts you intend to come up with and explaining to them why you think they will be helpful to their readers.
  •  Asking the blog owners whether you can interview them and post the interview on your blog. By doing this, the blog manager or owner may get enticed to promote your posts since you will be highlighting what they do.
  •  You can offer the blog manager some little amount of your product or service for free as a show of good will. You can also offer some to their audience as gifts.

3. Carry out Bing advertising

As aforementioned, it is pivotal for a marketer to ensure that their online marketing strategies are cost effective. Here is another smart move: cost per click on Bing. When compared with Google AdWords, the cost per click on Bing for online adverts is relatively cheaper. One should be able to get at least a single click each day on Bing for less than $2. This works via strategic bidding, though there are some industries where it may cost more.

Most marketers have in the past considered Bing as an alternative but for those working on a tight budget it should be the first option. One easily becomes complacent with online marketing strategies such as pay-per-click when running on a big budget. If the campaign does not generate immediate leads, a marketer may assume it requires additional time to materialize and forget to analyze each click.

However, working on a tight budget leads to greater efficiency since the marketer is compelled to analyze each click to identify metrics such as:
  •  The bounce rate
  •  Average time spent on site
  •  Click-through rate
All the above metrics ensure high-quality traffic.

4. Free blogger outreach

Another effective marketing strategy is spending some time away from your site or blog and reaching out to people in your niche. You need to reach out to local businesses and bloggers in your niche to contribute content and promote their products or services.

A marketer who provides valuable articles to external sites will in return be able to generate traffic to their site through backlinks, which is critical for SEO. If a marketer becomes persistent and crafts a solid pitch they are able to easily create new blogging relationships that will have a positive impact on the business in the long run.

5. Create videos for YouTube

With over 500 million visitors every month, YouTube videos are a powerful marketing strategy every marketer should consider. To fully benefit from this platform, you should be creative and do more than just posting product videos. Below are some elements that the marketing videos created for YouTube should have:
  •  Keywords that are thoroughly researched online.
  •  Clear editorial messages - marketers should be precise and avoid crowding the video with information.
  •  A call to action like asking the viewer to subscribe to your channel.
It may seem like producing a video is way too expensive, especially when you are on a tight budget. Interestingly, all you need is your smartphone and a video editing application. Alternatively, you can hire an editor from online platforms like Fivver for $5.

6. Write eBooks on major industry issues

EBooks are one of the most effective online marketing strategies. This is because you need to provide value if at all you are going to stand out as an authority in your niche. These days, you need not go to a publishing company or have large sums of money to distribute your book. You can come up with a digital book, upload it for free on Amazon and get thirty three percent stakes from each sale. Your target should not be to directly make profits from the book sales, but rather to use it to generate leads by asking readers to check out your site for more information.

Every entrepreneur and marketer should consider developing e-books as one does not have to personally do the writing. If you are time-strapped, you may hire a ghostwriter to help you convert your audio recordings and blog posts into book format.

Once the book is done, you can set a price between $1 and $5 to make it affordable thus easily marketable. You can then market the book through your email list, social media platforms, and video marketing.


After you start realizing favorable results from the affordable online marketing strategies discussed above, you can consider putting more money in any other marketing strategy that will yield high returns on investment.

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