Mobile Video Streaming: the Future of Video Marketing

Mobile Video Marketing Streaming

Live streaming is becoming an important part of video marketing. While it is not entirely a new concept, apps like Meerkat and Periscope are bringing it into the limelight. Other platforms, for instance YouTube, Twitch, cable companies, and dedicated websites have been allowing live-streaming for quite some time now. The intriguing thing is that Meerkat and Periscope are not only using the phenomena of livestreaming, but they have gone mobile. Let us delve more into this:

Both apps broadcast live mobile streams to users in the platforms. You can search for users and topics within the platforms. Users can also comment and engage as the livestreams progress. They are integrated with Twitter and will make an announcement when you live-stream.

Meerkat is similar to Snapchat. The broadcast disappears once it is done. You cannot re-watch videos. Periscope allows for the saving of broadcasts for a maximum of 24 hours. This is helpful for users who may have missed the video. Periscope allows for private streams, while Meerkat does not. These 2 apps can be very helpful in video marketing.

Here are some of the brands that are utilizing livestream:

- Red Bull

This brand live-streamed some of the events in Miami Music Week. They used other platforms like Twitter and Snapchat for distribution.

- Spotify

This brand joined Periscope and immediately used it to say 'hello'. They used it in combination with a behind-the-scenes video with Conor O’Brien. This livestream received hundreds of viewers and has been played many more times.

- Mountain Dew

They used periscope to reward and engage their followers on Twitter. They showcased branded materials, for instance, hats and T-shirts. The followers who liked or commented on the Periscope stream received Mountain Dew gear.

- General Electric

This company used Periscope to live-stream a behind-the-scenes interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye, an astrophysicist and scientist respectively.

- Adidas

This formidable sportswear company used livestream to allow fans to watch James Rodriguez signing a contract of extension with the company.

As we can see, livestream is a video marketing technique that every content marketer needs to harness. The above brands have used the same concept in different creative ways. Live-streaming videos is a facet of video that opens up a world of possibility for marketers. Let us delve into how you can use live-streaming as a content marketer:

How to use live streaming

Even small companies can benefit from livestream. Here is how to go about it:

1. Product releases

One of the best ways to use livestreaming is for product releases. It can be used for showcasing a product as users anticipate a release date. It can also be used to do a live unboxing or showcase a firsthand look at prototypes or even beta testing. You can use livestream to increase interest around new releases.

2. Product Reviews

Livestream is also a great way to review products. You can showcase clients trying out your products or using a service as you highlight the features, pros, cons and benefits. This is a useful marketing technique as many users would like to be sure that they are making the right choice before they settle on any product. It also shows that your brand is trustworthy. You can assemble, explain, and unbox products in real time, as well as respond to clients’ questions. If you are a realtor, livestreaming can help you go through listings and answer questions about the property. A livestream can also be used in place of a pre-recorded webinar. In the fashion niche, you could live-stream clients or employees trying outfits.

3. Live Q&A

Live question and answer sessions have proven to be invaluable to consumers. Livestreaming allows you to 'humanize' your brand, and address important issues or problems. Your video marketing strategy can include regular question and answer sessions, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. They will not only result in collection of feedback from clients and their insights, but it will also showcase your brand as reputable.

You can make the question and answer session more dynamic via choosing specific products and asking clients to comment on them. You could also show them product samples, color choices and molds and request for feedback. This will be beneficial for market research.

4. Endorsements

People trust endorsements from celebrities. Livestream makes this very easy. Just package the endorsement in a way that will capture your audience’s attention. It should also be a way that aligns the endorsement with your brand in a credible, capturing way.

5. Behind the scenes

Behind-the-scenes satisfy clients’ curiosity about how things are done in a particular company, or even how a particular product is made. For instance, you can live-stream how you create your hand-made products. A floral shop could show clients how to choose flowers for an arrangement and even how to put them together. If you are in the baking niche, you can teach your clients how to bake. You can give the viewers a virtual tour of your company, show a behind-the-scenes of an interview with an authority in your niche, or even live-stream a teaser. This content will be original, making your brand stand out.

6. Twitter

You can use livestream to grow your Twitter following. All you need to do is package your stream in a way that will be appealing to the audience, for instance, giveaways.

7. Spokesperson

Unlike a question and answer session, a spokesperson engages your clients on a live broadcast. Use one of your employees as a spokesperson as they are the face of the brand. You need to do test runs to ensure that they are well-versed on the brand, can think fast and respond to clients’ questions, as well as engage them on video.

Just like other forms of content marketing, consistent is crucial when it comes to livestreaming.


Whether livestream is here to stay or not, it is definitely a part of video marketing that you may not want to overlook as a content marketer. It is better to be among the first brands to utilize it. You may reap long-term benefits should it metamorphosise into a bigger marketing strategy.

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