6 Reasons why Interactive Cards are a Must-Have on your YouTube Videos

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Around 50% of YouTube views are on handheld devices, including smartphones. The few annotations available did not work well on mobile and this was a concern for many creators, marketers and even users. YouTube responded to this need by introducing YouTube cards. They are also referred to as YouTube Interactive cards, or YouTube info cards. Let us delve into why you should use interactive cards on your YouTube videos.

YouTube interactive cards help your viewers to respond to the call of action. There are 6 types of interactive cards that you can use in your YouTube video marketing campaign:
  •  Fundraising, for instance, Kickstarter
  •  Playlist
  •  Fan funding, for instance, Patreon
  •  Merchandise, for instance, iTunes, District Lines and Google Play
  •  Video
  •  Associated website
The card you choose must align with the goals of your video.

Why should you use interactive cards in YouTube marketing?

1. They help to reach your mobile audience

Interactive cards help to reach your mobile audience. This is because most annotations do not work. The only ones working are 'spotlight' and 'note'. This is because the former is used as an overlay in content that has been built in the video, to make it clickable. The latter is useful if you have made a correction to an old video. On mobile, clients can get a click through rate of 6.25% with interactive cards, which is better than when annotations are used.

2. They help to increase traffic on your website

Interactive cards help in YouTube marketing because they drive traffic to your website. You can use them to direct viewers to more content on your site. For instance, if you have a how-to video on YouTube and you aim at informing your viewers, you can use interactive cards to direct your audience to get more tips on the website. If you have a keynote video, and you want to be hired to speak, interactive cards can be used to direct the audience to the speaker page on the website. To do this, you can use the video interactive card with a call to action to visit your website.

3. They help to grow your email list

You can use a maximum of 5 cards for every video. This means that you can use one of them to ask viewers to sign up for your emails. This helps you to use YouTube videos to connect with your viewers, and generate leads for your sales funnel. Apart from just signing up, you can give viewers something of value, for instance, some free music after they sign up, if you are a musician. This way, they get to learn more about your brand, which is the ultimate goal of your Youtube Video Marketing strategy.

4. They help to promote related material

If you have a video that showcases your expertise, or even educates your viewers, you can include an interactive card to promote related material, for instance an eBook, a downloadable PDF, infographic, transcription, slide share or checklist. The interactive card should feature the related material, and provide the link to access or purchase it.

5. They help to get new clients

Interactive cards are an effective way to get new clients, even if you do not have a digital or physical product to sell. This is because you can use the cards to showcase your skills, personality and knowledge. For instance, you can use the cards to promote coaching or consulting sessions if the viewers need further assistance in your area of expertise. The viewers may also ask questions which will help you know what to cover in future YouTube videos. Some of the niches where you can use interactive cards to promote your knowledge include investment and human resource.

As a result of some of the comments, especially those from viewers who need further assistance, you can add more interactive cards to direct them to more related content on your website. Alternatively, create a follow up video that could respond comprehensively to their questions. You can then include an interactive card that directs them to a page on your website that directs them on how to hire you. The card can also include a discount code. The potential client will feel much appreciated, and your Youtube Video Marketing strategy will have borne fruit.

6. They help to sell your products

Interactive cards can help you to promote your own products. You can create videos that explain how your products solve client problems. You then need to include a card that promotes the product, with a call to action and a link to access it.

The advantageous thing about using this YouTube marketing approach is that you can use a number of interactive cards. One card can direct viewers to your website to learn more about the product, another can direct them to sign up via email to learn more about specifics of the product, and another can have a call to action, link or even a coupon code to access the product. Once clients are on your mailing list, you have more opportunities to promote your product.

After learning why you need to use interactive cards, let us delve into how to actually set them up on your videos.

How do you set up interactive cards on YouTube videos?
  •  Go to YouTube Video manager
  •  Click 'edit' or click on the down arrow next to the button
  •  Click 'cards' on the top navigation bar
  •  Click 'add card'
  •  Scrub to the point where you would like to add a card in your video. The teaser text will cue on the video’s upper right corner for around 5 seconds. It then becomes an 'i' icon
  •  Click on the blue button on the right called 'add card'. It opens a creation window
  •  Select the type of card you want to add
  •  Customize the card via adding an image. You can also optimize the title, add an URL, or even customize the call to action
  •  Repeat the above steps as needed in other parts of the video as you may need. It is advisable to space the interactive cards out.
  •  After you are done, click 'create card'
Note that if you add multiple cards to your video, the cards will appear in a scrollable area. If you click on the particular card, it will be opened in its specific time code. You can still scroll to the other cards in the video with the different time codes.


Interactive cards supplement YouTube videos, as they are less obtrusive. They are a crucial part of every Youtube Video Marketing strategy as they provide a great avenue to connect with your clients, and maintain a good relationship with them. You can also use them to get new clients, increase traffic to your website, promote your products and eventually increase sales. Better still, you can combine different types of cards to achieve your goal. This way, Youtube marketing begins to bear fruit.

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