10 Things you must Include in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Strategy

2015 has been named the Year of Video Marketing. More and more businesses are finding new ways to use the platform so as to reach their customers. Videos give customers an overview of products within the shortest time possible. Creating videos is no longer a daunting task due to tools that help you make videos at little or no cost. In fact, one can use their smartphone to shoot a video. Alternatively, you can sign up for services that create animated explainer videos. As much as shooting videos has become easier, you still need to have an effective video marketing strategy in place to leverage the power of video. Here are 10 things your marketing strategy must include:

1. A goal

Your video marketing strategy must have a goal. Having a mission statement is a good way to go about it. After determining your goal, you then need to:
  • Define the type of content you will create. Is it educational? Practical? Entertaining? Make content that matches the tone of your brand. Your target audience is also crucial.
  • Determine your audience’s demographics in detail
  • Decide what the value of your content will be. What will your audience take away from the video? What will it help them do?

2. The Scope

Look at the parts of the business that will be using video in their marketing strategy, for instance sales, corporate events, product, and communications. You then need to decide the kind of stories to tell under each part of the business, for instance under 'products' you could tell stories that showcase the product’s benefits and strengths.

3. The type of videos

After determining the scope of your videos, you need to decide what types of videos best tell those specific stories. You can opt for how to videos, detailed demos, company culture videos, case studies, documentaries, webinars, interviews, and testimonials.

4. A publishing schedule

You should think about video marketing as a series, rather than individual videos. Think of a story that you can tell that can be broken down into a number of parts over the course of a number of weeks. You then need to set up a schedule. The videos should be spaced evenly. They may be timed to lead to a big event or launch of a product. After the big event, keep on coming up with different campaigns. This way, your brand becomes familiar in the clients’ minds and they begin to trust your brand.

5. Short Form Videos

This video marketing strategy is based on the short concentration spans users have online. There are micro-video apps that shorten videos to less than 10 seconds. These videos are then shared on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. They put the message across as viewers quickly scroll through their timelines. On Vine, Twitter’s micro video app, as well as on Facebook, the videos play automatically. Instagram allows 3 to 15 seconds for every video, while Vine allows only 6 seconds. This encourages content creators to shoot videos via their smartphones.

6. Tutorials and Tips

Posting video tutorials that are relevant to your line of work is a crucial part of your marketing strategy as it helps you connect with your customers. Offering this valuable information to your customers will help them see you as an expert in your niche. Viewers will therefore be interested in learning more about your business. For instance, if your business is a salon, you could post videos showing some styling tips. If you are a marketing business, you could post a video series that offers information on how to leverage social media to market a brand. This way, customers will keep coming back to watch the next video in your series. To ensure that your tutorials and tip videos are relevant, seek to answer your audience’s questions.

7. Consumer-Generated Content

As part of your video marketing strategy, this is likely to generate more responses from your viewers when compared to content that your company has generated. One way to go about this is via inviting customers to create their own videos. You then need to offer a reward for the best video that showcases how your customers use your product or services. This approach to video marketing tends to get an incredible response. Consumer-generated content shows other people’s passion for your product. Other customers will want to understand what has created all the passion and they will probably give your products a try.

8. Call to Action

You may create a very engaging video that your viewers will enjoy. However, if there is no call to action after watching it, then customers are denied the chance to interact with your products, services or even company. The call to action need not be complicated. You can include a coupon code that customers can use when purchasing your products from your site or elsewhere. You can also offer discounts for customers who mention the video when purchasing the product from your store. A few words at the end of the video may lead to conversions.

9. A database

While you may upload all your videos on YouTube, it is important to note that in video marketing, the best place to prompt conversion is on your own website. Even if you upload videos on YouTube, you need links back to your website on the YouTube descriptions. You also need a destination on your site where potential clients can access content and get to interact with your brand or products. You may need to set aside an entire page devoted to videos.

10. Tracking

You need to evaluate your video marketing strategy to determine how well it works. Some of the metrics you could use are: attention span and drop-off rates, click through rates, and the total amount of video your leads consume.

All in All

Video marketing is indeed a good way to stand out in a sea of text-based marketing campaigns. When done right, this marketing strategy is able to engage your customers and convert leads to sales. More importantly, your video content should be aligned with your company’s goals. Constant evaluation will also help you know where you are going wrong and lead to even better marketing campaigns.
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