7 Tips for Launching your Video Marketing Strategy

7 Tips for Launching your Video Marketing Strategy

Video marketing has a myriad benefits, ranging from lead generation, increasing conversion rates, to customer engagement. There are very many tips that shed light on what to do to create videos that can go viral. But how do you go about launching your strategy? Here are 7 tips for launching your video marketing strategy:

1. Allocation of resources

This has to do with budget allocation. How do you allocate adequate resources to your YouTube marketing strategy while doing more with less? To allocate resources, you need to know how much content you need. For instance, you will need content to communicate to your clients at different levels, for instance, from capturing their attention, to engaging them, introducing your brand, to a call to action, to conversion. You also need to upload a new video every few weeks.

One budget-friendly way to produce high quality content is via hiring a dedicated hire, that is, one videographer. You can budget around $1000 every few weeks for shooting and editing of footage, as well as production of one short video. The videographer will probably use his own equipment and lighting, saving you the cost of buying a good HD- quality camera and other sophisticated filming equipment. Alternatively, you can get some basics on shooting, editing and video production. This will save you a lot of resources.

2. Content Packaging

As you launch your video marketing strategy, you need to come up with how you are going to package your content at different marketing funnel levels. You may also decide on the story to tell different categories of people in your audience. When thinking about the story you want to tell, the audience’s preferences must come into play.

If you are uploading the first video on your YouTube channel, you can introduce yourself, your brand, company, product or service. You can then begin to create other videos for other stages of the marketing funnel. Funny videos are able to humanize your brand by bringing pain points to the fore. To build trust, upload video interviews with experts in your niche and product demos too. This way the audience benefits from the knowledge being passed, and your brand benefits as it can be trusted. You can also use personalized videos.

3. Don’t just join the bandwagon

While YouTube marketing presents a great marketing opportunity, it only does so to people who know how to harness its potential. A significant thing to remember as you launch video marketing is that you need to be prepared. Don’t just invest your time and money and begin to upload your videos because other brands are doing it. Revise your goals, and slowly and consistently begin to work on them. Over time, your efforts will begin to bear fruit. Keep studying the different trends and implement them as you keep growing and engaging your audience.

4. Distribution

As you launch your video marketing strategy, remember there are various platforms where you can reach your followers. You need to identify the platforms where your followers are likely to be and come up with a way to engage them there. This means that for your YouTube marketing strategy to be successful, you must incorporate other platforms too. For instance, you can join discussions on Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This means that you need to either schedule time for each platform, or allocate different platforms to members of your team. This way, your participation will be consistent.

You can also create a campaign on Twitter via ads. You can target a specific location or interest. Quick promote also allows for the promotion of a specific tweet that is already existing on the page instead of running a full ad campaign.

Video marketing entails strategizing on how exactly you will handle these forms of engagement. For instance, you can choose to be beginning a discussion via posting a question once a week. This way, other people will get to identify your brand as familiar and friendly. If you have a video related to the discussion, you can post the link that will direct your potential viewers to your YouTube channel.

5. Study

Before you launch your video marketing strategy, you need to spend time and study what the established channels are doing right. This should come after you have set your own goals and strategized on how to get there. Look at what the types of videos that the successful channels have, the topics addressed, and the type of videos with the most views. You then need to see what can work for your YouTube marketing strategy. Package it in a way that is unique and that will impact on your audience. This is highly dependent on your niche and audience. You can also look at what the other videos in your niche have failed to cover and capitalize on it. Create videos on areas that others have overlooked. They should however be directed at achieving your goals.

6. Tact

Video marketing entails tact, even at the level of launching. You need to include the specific way you will launch your videos. For instance, you may choose to use cover songs, especially if the musician has an impressive voice or even an outstanding rendition of a popular song. Another way to go about this is by showcasing skill. You can showcase your employees’ skills, for instance, hard work, video editing, ingenuity, and creativity. You can also use annotations or even end one video with the beginning of another. This suspense will lead your viewer to look for the other video and watch it. It is all about ingenuity. You can come up with your own ideas.

7. Basics

Your YouTube marketing strategy will only launch well if you get it right from the basics. Ensure that you fill out as many details as possible: the channel name, profile details, description, as well as other fields like 'about me'. You need to customize your channel ensuring that it has a unique look, a logo and meta descriptions.

After putting all these factors into consideration, you are ready to launch your strategy. You can begin to implement it by uploading videos and distributing them.


All in all, video marketing has a number of benefits. Beyond knowing how to create good videos, and what to do to make them viral, factor in the above tips as you launch your video marketing strategy.

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