7 Tactful Strategies Behind Viral Videos on YouTube

7 Tactful Strategies Behind Viral Videos on YouTube

It is important to note that videos on YouTube seldom go viral organically. You need to take very tactful steps guided by a solid YouTube video marketing plan. Your goals will determine how far you are ready to go to make viral videos on YouTube. Let us delve into the strategies behind any viral video on the third most popular site on the web:

1. Microcontent

Content that tells a powerful story can be created via micro content, for instance photos, quizzes, videos and polls. This type of content is cheaper to produce thus you can have it in greater volume. There are 3 forms of microcontent:

- Content around a specific event
This is content that is planned around an event like Super Bowl

- Real Time content
This content is spontaneous and is driven by trends. It could result from an event or issue that is being widely discussed online.

- User generated content
You can use your customers to create content that could go viral. For instance, a fashion company could ask their clients to upload photos on Instagram. People could then vote and the client with the most votes could win something.

A viral video could therefore be part of microcontent. For instance, you could time your video and launch it just before a big event like Super Bowl. The video will rise with the tide and become viral. However, you must distribute it on all available channels: social media, blogs, and as many relevant websites as possible. If you will base your viral videos on YouTube on real-time content, then you need to be very timely, and rise with the trend.

User generated content, when coupled with content that you produce is absolutely a huge catapult. A company that has been able to harness this is GoPro. They give their customers wearable cameras and they use them to capture unforgettable moments. If your brand can result in great moments, you can find a way to capture them and turn them to a video. You could for instance ask the customers to send you pictures or videos, and you could tweak them. You can even go to where the client is and shoot videos.

Even if you are a small brand, you can still gain a lot of value from microcontent. All you need to do is ensure that it is timely, compelling and relevant.

2. Timeliness

A pivotal part of YouTube Video Marketing is releasing videos at the best time. This way, many people will watch them initially. The video will gain a lot of views and exposure causing more people to keep watching it. If of course it is engaging, people will share it, making it go viral.

3. A specific audience

Viral videos focus on what will be entertaining and engaging to a specific group of people. You cannot create a video for everyone. This point is coupled with creating content based on the needs of your specific audience. Ultimately, your video must be good enough to be shareable on a large scale.

4. Starting early

You do not make a viral video overnight. The first step involves identification of the goal that you want to achieve. You then need to think about how to package your message so as to capture and engage your audience. You then need to focus on the launch. You need to work with the right people and on the right platforms. Approach the people you intend to work with for the launch way before the launch. For instance, if you want to use a particular influencer, and you have chosen to package your message as a cat video, then you must go for an influencer who loves animals before you even look at the size of his audience. This way, the influencer will be more committed to the project. Starting early allows video creators to share an overview of their goal with all the stakeholders - influencers, bloggers, and other people.

5. Categories

Before you upload your video, it is important to check the categories that it can fit in. After listing these categories, you then need to choose the one which will need the least views to get to the most viewed page. For instance, if you want to create a pet video, it will be easier to get it to the most viewed page in the pets’ category than in the entertainment category.

6. Follow up

Viral videos quickly begin to lose ground. There is new content being uploaded on YouTube every minute. After your video has gone viral, you need to follow up this success with more marketing efforts. Reach out to more relevant blogs. They will be more willing to embed your video on their site as it has already proven itself. If possible, create a live event from the video and have people ask questions about your brand. This way, you will not only be promoting your brand, but you will be interacting with real people. This is a component of experiential marketing. The customers will love it and you will reap your return on investment. During the event, record even more videos and upload them on YouTube. Upload photos on social media and post the links there. Embed on your site. Call for more blogs and influencers. It is all about allowing success to breed even more success.

7. Professional Clicking

There are companies that offer professional clicking. The ultimate goal is to give your video on YouTube a headstart. There are companies that have become very innovative that they have almost every button available connected to their clients’ YouTube channels. The buttons include those on elevators and ATMs. This way, they can get your video to go viral. One such company is Buyral. Here is a link to their video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIwH7ptHCWc


All in all, it is very rare for videos to go viral on YouTube without a solid plan backing them. Tact guided by a well-planned YouTube video marketing strategy is the defining factor. With it, you are ready to do whatever it takes to make a viral video. As you can see, making viral videos on YouTube is a daunting task.

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