6 YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

6 YouTube Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

YouTube is not just a marketing platform for big brands to become successful. It is possible for even small businesses to reach their target audience through creative ways, for instance, recording Google Hangouts and uploading them on YouTube. This is because there are over 4 million daily views on YouTube. The return on investment for advertising on YouTube is therefore worthwhile. YouTube marketing need not be an expensive venture. Here are 6 YouTube Marketing tips for small businesses:

1. Hyperlinks

You can place a hyperlink to your site at the end of a YouTube video or ad. The people who visit your brand’s site are more likely to convert, when compared to those who visit it via clicking on a link from a different site. There are also likely to spend more money and spend it more often.

2. Trueview

This is Google’s advertising platform. It features a promotional spot in display or 'in-stream ads'. This spots will play at the beginning of a video. You can skip the video after 5 seconds. It is possible to target TrueView ads to fit your audience’s demographics and interests. You can also classify the ads using zip codes. It is even possible to place the ad at the beginning of a competitor’s video.

3. Cost per view

This is a structure by YouTube. It makes it possible to get traffic that is almost free, yet it is targeted. Cost per view allows advertisers to pay per view, rather than per click. This is because cost per view is managed and tracked as a part of Adwords. Better still, you only get to pay the maximum cost per view if a viewer watches at least 30 seconds of your ad. If the viewer stops watching before 30 seconds are over, you do not pay. The viewer will still have an idea of your brand, even if they may not watch a large part of your ad. This amounts to free exposure.

This means that it is more beneficial and cost-effective to utilize cost per view. For example, Snapfish, a division of Hewlett Packard made an in-stream ad which was 8 seconds long. They used it for a Black Friday promotion which offered free shipping and 40% off custom greeting cards. The cost per view costs for the ad were 30% less when compared to other longer ads on YouTube. This is because it was extremely brief and it had an aggressive promotion. The ad was seen by 4.5 million people, at least 3 times. It totally had 15 million views, 270,000 clicks, and 34 million impressions, yet it only ran for 2 days.

As part of your YouTube marketing strategy, you need to ensure that the ad makes an immediate strong impression. Grab the viewer’s attention within the first 5 seconds. If you can get them to visit your site before 30 seconds are over, then you will be increasing your chances for a conversion.

4. Google Hangouts on YouTube

As aforementioned, Google Hangouts on Air is an affordable way to create YouTube videos. It is ideal for tight budgets and for untrained videographers. Here is how to go about it:

Google Hangouts on air allows businesses to connect with customers and even prospective customers via real-time video tutorials and interactions. All you need to do is:
  •  record the live video
  •  optimize it with keywords in the title and description
  •  then post it for perpetual playback on YouTube
Google Hangouts on air has a feature that allows for the addition of a speaker’s name and company onscreen.

Interestingly, very few brands utilize Google Hangouts on air. The few include GoDaddy and Best Buy. These videos are very affordable and are a great way to attract targeted traffic. To reap maximal benefit from these videos, you need to think about the niche or area where you are an authority and why people could listen to you. Look at what your competitors are doing and seek to make yourself stand out. More importantly, you need to focus on providing value.

The videos need to perform, persuade, and educate. They are not necessarily ads. Successful videos begin by stating the 'who, when, why, where, and what'. You then need to have a useful discussion and conclude with some specific takeaways. The videos may need to be a bit longer to ensure maximal engagement. Remember to prioritize your audience’s needs.

Other ways to ensure successful creation of Google Hangouts on air:
  •  Pick a host who is good on camera – this will give your company or brand a good reputation
  •  Ensure that your video is recorded against a well-lit and clean background
  •  Use the lower third feature to keep the speaker’s and brand’s names onscreen for the entire video
  •  Use other appropriate tools, for instance, hyperlinks, and screen-sharing
  •  Research well-performing keywords that you can use in your title and description, in advance

5. Using Google+

YouTube’s commenting system is linked to Google+. Ensure that your brand’s Google+ profile is complete. This will allow for further interaction with your followers.

6. Distribution

You need not confine your videos to YouTube. You should embed it on your site or blog, ask influencers to do the same, and post it on social media networks.

General information

It is important to note that the viewership on YouTube, especially of ads drops significantly after the first 12 seconds. You therefore need to capture the audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds. YouTube marketing is a great way to reach your target audience, considering that Google’s algorithms keep changing. This could negatively impact your optimization efforts. Pay per Click campaigns, for instance, Adwords are also extremely competitive and costly. Sometimes, they even fail to reach the targeted audience.

Videos are more likely to appear on page 1 of search engine results by 53 more times when compared to other types of content. They also have a higher click through rate by 43 times.


As we have seen, even small brands can become successful on YouTube. There are very affordable ways to implement your YouTube marketing strategy and reach your target audience. The above YouTube Marketing tips for small businesses will ultimately result in a worthwhile return on investment. Why not find your place among the 4 million views each day?

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