6 Ways to Overcome Content Marketing Hurdles

6 Ways to Overcome Content Marketing Hurdles

Value has become a pivotal part in every content marketing strategy. It is therefore essential for SEO teams to find a nexus between content promotion and the strategies that revolve around it. While the marketing of content may mean different things to different brands, the bottom line is that there are a number of hurdles that you need to overcome before it becomes successful. Here are 6 ways to overcome them:

1. Leveraging talent

The marketing team may be made up of people with a vast experience in many aspects. However, you need to leave room for talent. Talent in this case refers to people with knowledge in a new channel or technique. You need to merge the talent and experience and come up with a great way to reach your audience. Talent may refer to for instance, people experienced in copy writing, paid media, SEO, and other emerging trends, including client engagement. Working with people with a set of skills across disciplines may be a bit expensive, but it will pay off, especially if it is coupled with experience. If your budget doesn’t allow you to hire talent, then you can utilize training platforms on the Internet. You can ask any member of your team to take up this challenge. Since they already have the experience, it will be easier for them to learn.

2. Jumping the budget hurdle

If you do not have a huge content marketing budget, it is best to work with what you have. For instance, instead of coming up with an online program that will only strain your budget, you can utilize social media and blog posts as you build towards more expensive marketing modes like hiring experts to use in your advertising. You can create a high value post and share it on your social media accounts, or even an interview with an authority in your niche. You can ask influencers to help you in promotion and capitalize on trends.

3. Leveraging your brand or niche

The truth is that not every marketing technique fits all niches and brands. You need to be creative so as to create engaging content. A good example is Home Depot’s Garden Club. They used a newsletter sent via email as well as on-site content to show various Do-It-Yourself projects as people prepared their yards and compounds as they awaited summer. Think about the utilitarian aspect of your product, and the type of content that you can create that is related to your brand or niche.

4. Navigating regulations

Some niches may result in liabilities as a result of promoting content on social media, for instance, the finance niche. The best way to go around this in your content marketing strategy is ensuring that the legal and regulatory team gets to understand your efforts. You can also reveal competitors who are executing similar programs.

5. Navigating the competition

There is increased competition for your audience’s attention. There is also competition in terms of who is able to create the best content, most frequently. As a result, reader’s expectations have really risen. This means that there is more pressure to deliver exceptional content. Only the best will thrive. The crucial thing is to ensure that you create high value and high quality content, consistently.

6. Navigating paid promotion

The content marketing landscape has shifted to prioritizing paid promotion. Various platforms, even on social media have come up with sophisticated ways to reach the right audience via segmentation. This however comes at a price. To ensure that your content gets to reach the right audience, you may consider investing a percentage of your budget here. There are a number of factors to consider when exploring your options for paid promotions:
  •  Your budget
  •  Target audience demographics
  •  Your audience’s social media consumption habits
  •  Type of content
  •  Business goals
The best place to start is to experiment with paid content on a small scale. You will then slowly gauge how effective the campaign is. Depending on your results, you may opt to venture into larger promotional initiatives. Your campaigns need to have goals, for instance, attracting more followers, capturing emails for your newsletter, increasing referral traffic, or even gaining external links from industry publications.


As we can see, there are a number of hurdles that you need to overcome in every content marketing strategy. The important thing to do is to identify them and know how to jump over them.

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