10 New YouTube Features to Improve User Experience 2015

10 New YouTube Features Update 2015

For the last ten years YouTube has served as the undisputed leading online platform that video creators can use to share their content with viewers from all across the globe. This has over the years gone on to enable business entities and even individuals to be in an excellent position of streamlining their video marketing campaigns in a hitherto unprecedented manner. In commemorating the ten years it has been operational, YouTube recently announced it will roll out new YouTube features that are designed to enhance the user experience of creators. To this end, the following is a brief preview of just what you as a creator should expect from these changes.


One of the new YouTube creator 2015 features will be the tweaking of the comments section of this platform. According to this online giant, it has developed a new ranking algorithm , which essentially renders negative comment much less visible. This ranking criteria works by placing high quality comments that have the potential of been liked at the top of the list. While the junk and spam that is posted by trolls are filtered out. As YouTube asserts, this new feature is already in operation, and has registered a drop of more than 30 percent all across the platform in troll posts and spamming.

2. New subscriber notifications

Another of the most critical new YouTube features is the introduction of brand new subscriber notifications. Which are destined to make it much more easier for creators to effectively reach out to their fans. Viewers who may be keen on staying abreast with the activities of their favorite creators will now be able sign up for email and mobile notifications.

3. Convenient accessibility to subscriptions feeds

YouTube has also noted that it is taking steps to make subscription feeds and subscription buttons more prominent. If you are a YouTube creator 2015 this certainly can be an extra way of enabling your fans to keep track of all your latest videos.

4. Newer card types

Along with preexisting card types, this online giant has announced that it will add several new ones. Most of which are designed to permit creators to mobilize funds, put their merchandise on sell and take plenty more actions. One of these new card types will be the channel card that is slated to enable creators to link up their videos with other YouTube channels. This in the long run will come in very handy in facilitating for seamlessly collaboration among creators.

5. Creator academy improvements

Another instance of one of most invaluable new YouTube features is the enhancement of the creator academy functionality. This among many other things, will permit budding creators to conveniently search and access the already existing 50+ training videos, along with newer ones that will be added. This change is projected to provide for the effective personalization of the whole learning experience.

6. Creator studio app update

The creator studio app will very soon come with newer features that can assist all creators to be able to gain insights and notifications on the various activities they execute on their channels. Which will ultimately assist them when it comes to determining just what to steps to take thanks to the information they gather.

7. Enhanced mobile video management

The creator studio app will also integrate two new YouTube features that make it easier to manage your channel on the go. This includes enabling and disabling monetization as well as the capability to update your thumbnails from your mobile device.

8. Enhanced live streams

YouTube has also taken steps to make it much stress-free for a YouTube creator 2015 to set up and more to the point manage his or her live streams. This new feature is expected to be showcased on the forthcoming YouTube gaming app.

9. 360 degrees and 3D video capability

360 degrees has been introduced in YouTube, and this online giant has stated that it is going a step further by launching 3D compatibility very shortly after.

10. All new YouTube creators community

Finally, this article would be incomplete without mentioning one of the most significant new YouTube features; the YouTube creators community. This is basically an online forum where creators can exchange ideas, find collaborators and even offer vital feedback to the platform. Hope this article has been insightful those individuals who may wish for one reason or the other wish to exploit the boundless potential of YouTube.

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