YouTube’s Q2 Report 2015: What every digital marketer need to know

YouTube Q2 Report 2015 digital marketing

The rise of Facebook video has been a major concern, but YouTube’s 2015 Q2 report released on 16th July 2015 has showed that this great video platform is still a force to reckon with. This is undoubtedly going to have an effect in the world of digital marketing. Let us delve into some of the important things that the report highlights that are important to every digital marketer:
Important statistics
  • An average session is 40 minutes
  • There was a 60% increase in ad expenditure from YouTube’s advertising partners
  • There were more visitors who accessed YouTube via its homepage when compared to last year
  • Every year, YouTube’s Watch time increases by 60%
  • This year, 2015 has shown the fastest growth rate in viewing time compared to the previous 2 years
  • YouTube had a higher number of viewers on mobile aged between 18 and 49, when compared to the U.S cable network
  • There was a 50% increase in megastars making six figures from YouTube
According to Omid Kordestani, Google’s Chief Business Officer, YouTube’s success is based on a number of strengths, beginning with the fact that this video platform has over 1 billion users who watch videos every day. He said that users in around 10 countries viewed more videos on mobile than on computers. He also added that 30% of mobile searches are based on location. This means that more people want to know what is important around them.

Ruth Porat also cited the increase in sales of TrueView ads, which have a skip option. She further added that YouTube’s goal is to find ways to merge the online virtual market with real world commerce. It is also focused on “re-inventing the television experience for the Internet age.”
What this means in digital marketing

1. Vertical video

The above statistics mean that there is need to focus more on mobile devices, what is referred to as vertical video, as there are very many viewers on the handheld devices platform. There is also need to focus more on your client’s location. As a digital marketer, it has become more important to create videos that are mobile friendly and that include the relevant information in your audience’s locale.

2. Longer, engaging videos

Since the average watch time is 40 minutes, there is need to create longer videos, at least 35 minutes long. If your videos are music, you can also add longer playlists. You need to keep viewers around with great content. This is one of the ways that YouTube has been ranking its videos. If you have engaging content, so that viewers spend longer on YouTube, your videos will rank better. The bottom line is not just longer videos, but engaging content. Retaining viewers is becoming more important. This means hooking your viewers early and getting them to stay and watch the entire video. A great way to do this is to get your viewers wondering what will happen next. Better still, you can track the estimated time your viewers spend on your videos, as YouTube Analytics have that option.

How to increase your videos’ watch time

A crucial part of your digital marketing strategy is to increase the watch time on your videos. Here is how to go about it:

Analyzing your audience’s retention scores

Analyzing your audience’s retention scores helps you see the point at which they leave. This will help you identify some of the reasons that could make them leave at particular points. You then need to come up with a way to keep them hooked to the end.

Teasing a story with the title and thumbnail

Your title and custom thumbnail should arouse interest in the viewer, making them feel compelled to stay to the end. This however does not apply if you are doing 'how-to' content.

Hooking the viewer within the first 15 seconds

The user is wondering whether they should keep watching the video or not as soon as it starts to play. Give them a reason to within the first 15 seconds.

Promoting other videos

Using an end card to highlight videos from your channel the viewers might be interested in will surely keep them longer.

Promoting playlists

This means organizing your content into a series of videos. The viewers will watch a set, rather than single videos. However, the content of your series must fit together naturally, for instance, 'how-to' videos about a particular service or even product. You need to then guide the viewer to the playlist.

Building your subscriber base

Active subscribers lead to higher watch time. These subscribers are also more committed to your channel, thus have a higher retention and watch time.

3. Interactive cards

The interactive cards introduced in March this year have raised hope. This is because they could increase the amount of merchandise sold by various YouTube channels, increase their fundraising, drive traffic to a website and generate funding from fans. As a channel owner, you need to make maximum use of these interactive cards.

4. Auto-play option

As a content creator, it is important to note that some of the strategies that Google has implemented have contributed to this impressive growth, for instance, the auto-play option. You must therefore take full advantage of these features and make them part of your digital marketing strategy.

5. 'Internet Television'

If Google aims at bridging the gap between the online market and real world commerce, digital marketers must begin to think of ways to do the same on their channels, and for their brands too. If the aim is to make watching videos on YouTube akin to watching television, then marketers need to make the content of their videos more captivating, and upload even more high quality videos, if their videos are to stand out.

All in all

The fact that there has been increase in revenue shows that YouTube is still the best video platform for marketing videos, this is especially for those that have channels featuring in the top 5% in the 12 categories in the Google Preferred Program. However, even your channel isn’t among these, you can still earn some good revenue from YouTube, thus you need not close down. It is time that marketers improved their digital marketing strategies so as to take full advantage of the possibilities brought about by Google’s expansion.

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