5 Tips for improving Youtube Marketing for Business

5 Tips for improving Youtube Marketing for Business

A good multimedia presence is always an integral part in marketing strategy. In one way or another, the internet has elevated these forums to another level.

Whether you are operating a small business enterprise or a large organization, YouTube channels and videos are major components that you must have if you are to maintain a bigger marketing presence online. YouTube.com is only second to Google as the most frequently used search engine. It only takes a few seconds for marketers and advertisers to take note of the views and take advantage on the same.

How can YouTube be advantageous to you in marketing your services and products? For one, there are no charges when creating a channel, it’s also not difficult to brand and customize the business’ video page. Ensure that it is easy for people to share your videos and then generate interest. This will make the YouTube videos bring you the attention that you desperately need. The reward will be enormous in the long run. This article is helpful to businessmen looking for the best YouTube marketing strategies

5 Tips for improving YouTube Marketing for Business

1. Good content

Good content is always king. Nothing can ever replace good content. If you want your video to go viral, it’s important to ensure that the content has the following characteristics.
  • Share-worthiness-the video should be interesting for people to be able to share it with friends. It’s always advantageous if the people viewing it increase. If one viewer shares it to a minimum of two people, that’s a good number
  • Replay value- the video should make the viewers want to play it time and again

2. Use of call to action slides

A majority of videos begin and end with a slide containing contact information, call to action and the organization’s branding

3. Take advantage of all social networks

By this time you must be visible all over the social media. Be it on twitter, Facebook and even yahoo. You must be having a lot of friends, majority of whom you have never met. You will notice that you are connected to millions and millions of people, this marketing resource is extremely valuable. You must make as many connections as possible
  • Ensure that the video is on your twitter wall and facebook wall
  • Request friends to post and share as well

4. Good timing in launching a video

Fridays and Sundays are the best days for launching videos, either after work or during lunch breaks

5. Increase your rankings on Google and YouTube search

Like any other search engine, the ranking on YouTube is dependent on certain algorisms with a criterion that is very important. Below are some basics that are very important when optimizing videos to rank better.
  • Meta data/tags
    Tags, descriptions and the title ensure that your YouTube video searches rank highly. The closer the video is on top of a page when a person searches your keyword, the higher the chances of it getting clicked on
  • Google
    It’s worthy noting that videos on YouTube also rank on Google searches. An optimized video can be helpful to your SEO. Your own site might not have a higher ranking on Google if the keyword that you are using is very popular, however , your videos may top the results on the organic Google search
  • Keywords
    Ensure that your video is optimized for certain keywords. Sprinkle the keywords with their descriptions in your meta-data
  • Interlinking/link building
    Linking to several other videos in annotations and description is helpful to the SEO of your video. Ensure that you also link it to other sites by using urls. Link it to the landing page of your main site.
  • Activity
    The improvement of your raking is dependent on the activeness of your video. Interlinks, stars, comments, and views all count as far as activities are concerned. The best way of generating activity is by actually replying to the comments on your videos and entertaining discussions to go on
  • Annotations
    Annotations too act as activity. They are helpful in linking your video to the user. Ensuring that there is engagement between your video and the user is advantageous. Request people to bookmark and comment on your video.
  • Geographic location
    If your organization is involved in local services, its always necessary to indicate the geographical location in the profile that you are using since certain results may be Geo-targeted
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