Top 5 tips for brand marketing success on Youtube

Youtube Marketing - Top 5 tips for brand marketing success on Youtube

In 2013, 66 per cent of internet traffic was attributed to video content, according to the Cisco Visual Networking Index. By 2018, video content will account for 79 per cent. It could even get to 90 per cent if P2P files and video-on demand are included in the figures. It is therefore important to know how you will market your brand on YouTube if you are to take advantage of this traffic. Here are 5 tips to ensure brand marketing success on YouTube:

1. Content is King

You have probably heard this cliche. The truth is that it is at the core of Youtube marketing, if you want to see your brand thrive. Your content must be viral and consistent. It is not easy to create viral content, yet it is a great way to drive traffic and increase exposure. Remember, many other people are trying to do the same thing. Here are some characteristics of viral content:


Viral content is simple. People on the internet have very short attention spans thus keeping your content short will help you communicate within the shortest time possible. They should be able to get the message, share it and move on to something else. It is advisable to keep your videos short, a maximum of 2 minutes.


Your videos need to be unique if your viewers will deem them worthy of sharing. Being unique will also help them stand out amongst the myriad other videos in search engine results.


Viral content is timely and relevant. This means that for your YouTube marketing strategy to succeed, you need to stay up to date on current topics.

To ensure brand marketing success on YouTube, you must upload fresh content consistently. The more content you upload, the higher the possibility of potential viewers finding you. According to a study done by Pixability in 2013, the YouTube channels with the most subscribers uploaded 50% more videos than the less successful channels.

To successfully upload content consistently, create a schedule for uploading content and stick to it. Over time, your subscribers will begin to expect fresh content on certain days, enforcing the loyalty of your brand. Even if the video is as simple as a thank you to your clients for an improvement in sales, new uploads will keep your YouTube channel active. This way your videos will be shared on social media, other sites and even on blogs.

Other ways to create viral content is filming a user exploring your product or using your service for the first time, or even following them during their day to see how your product helps, and film it if they are okay with it.

2. Engaging with your Community

At this juncture in your YouTube Marketing Strategy, it is crucial to note that like Facebook and Twitter, YouTube is a social media platform. This means that you need to engage with your community. Identify other channels in your niche and 'follow' them. You can also 'follow' other channels who bring to the fore courses you would want to associate yourself with. You can comment on their videos and send them links to your videos too.

If your subscribers ask questions in your comments, it is good to respond. 41% of customers expect a response from you within an hour according to a survey by Edison Research. If they complain, address their complaints in a timely fashion. If you take too long to address the complaint, it will ruin your brand’s image. If the comments are compliments, thank the viewers. This will build loyal customers.

To engage your audience:
  • Create relevant, informative and exciting videos for your audience
  • Think about their response after watching the video
  • Create consistent themes – this helps viewers become comfortable with your brand
To ensure that your brand is consistent, customize your YouTube channel with your branding. Use the same colors tone and style as your social media profiles and website. Do not change your channel name after you have set up. Complete your profile in detail. Tag your videos properly.

3. Advertising

The third strategy of ensuring brand marketing success on YouTube is advertising. YouTube offers 4 options when it comes to advertising:
  • In-stream
  • In-slate
  • In-search
  • In-display
Each option is designed to reach a targeted group of viewers. You can display your content based on a number of factors: interests, keywords, topics, and demographics.

You can share your videos on social media. You can even auto-share them on Facebook and Twitter. The other options will be linking to your blog, or embedding your video on your blog posts, or creating a video that will be a permanent feature on your blog’s home page. Link your YouTube Channel on as many social media sites as possible, your website and blog. This increases the chances of your viewers finding you via search engines.

4. Placements with stars

Integrate your brand with influencers who align with it, as well as your mission. Integrating your brand with highly sought after content will see it benefit from word of mouth marketing and reaching a wider and engaged audience. YouTube stars help you to accelerate your Youtube marketing efforts and maximize your influence all across the channels.

5. Creating a subscriber trailer and branded video introductions

This is probably the best strategy for brand marketing success on YouTube. A subscriber trailer will come in handy to introduce the channel to your potential subscribers. This trailer should be short, precise and should give your viewer a reason to follow you. Youtube gives content creators an option of adding a 3 second branded introduction to your videos. You need to include your channel name, tagline, and logo.

You now have the top 5 tips for brand marketing success on Youtube. It is however important to note that you should only apply a YouTube marketing strategy that will work for your brand. These tips are ideally guidelines that can give you ideas on how to successfully market your brand on YouTube. They have worked for other brands and companies. Studying their successes and failures is undoubtedly worthwhile. Choose what works for you.

Thank you for reading this. Let me know your opinion, please leave a comment below.

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