A step by step guide on How to Make Money by being a Youtube Partner

It is possible to put your brand, service or product on YouTube and expose it to millions of viewers. This exposure ultimately helps you to make money by being a YouTube partner. Through the YouTube partner program, you can make money via paid subscriptions, merchandise and advertisements. You can also take advantage of the variety of features, programs, and resources provided by YouTube to help your build your audience. It is into this that we now delve.

How to Make Money by being a Youtube Partner

How to make money with YouTube Partner

To make money as a Youtube partner, you need to create and publish videos on your YouTube channel, and build an audience. Every time someone views the video, either a banner display ad, referred to as an Overlay In Video ad or a short ad (like what you see in TV commercials) is played just before the video begins to play. Banner ads are also displayed on the You Tube channel.

You earn some revenue every time a viewer clicks or watches a video based-ad on your channel. How much money you will earn depends on the type of ad on your channel. To earn significant amounts of revenue, you need to have many views, to the tunes of tens, or hundreds of thousands, or even millions monthly.

A benefit of being a YouTube partner is that Google will handle all the advertising placement, payments, and revenue collections. Once you become a partner, Google will match up your videos with advertisers. They will also keep track of all views and responses. You need not solicit for advertisers nor pay them. Better still, since YouTube partners are not restricted to specific places where they can share content, you can make money from sharing your YouTube elsewhere.

YouTube has analytics that help you track your performance and earnings, as well as gain insights that could help you improve. They also allow for customizations, for instance the addition of graphic headers and links.

You can only make money by being a Youtube partner if your videos have original content and meet YouTube’s terms and conditions.

How to sign up as a Youtube Partner

After establishing your Youtube channel, you can then sign up as a Youtube partner. Here is how to go about it:
  • Access YouTube
  • Sign in using the same information that you used to create your channel
  • Click on your username and profile picture near the upper-right corner of the screen
When the YouTube menu appears;
  • Click on 'settings'
When 'account settings' is displayed;
  • Click on 'monetization'
  • Click on 'enable my account'
  • Agree to the terms and conditions
A pop-up windows providing the options for the type of ads appears.
  • Click 'monetize'
  • Click 'got-it'
  • Turn on the ad features on the videos that are eligible, in that they have met Google’s terms and conditions. You need to do this for every video.
  • Link your channel to a Google Adsense account
Banner ads will begin appearing on your channel. The ads that are displayed are relevant to your video’s content. This is based on the tags and descriptions that you associated with your video’s file. Public service announcements are also displayed. As a partner, you do not have much control about the ads that appear in your videos. You do not have a say over the advertiser’s content as well. You can now begin to make money by being a Youtube partner.

How much money can you make as a YouTube partner?

YouTube takes about 45% of the advertising revenue. Your location, content and the much the advertiser is willing to bid on to get the ad on your channel will determine how much you earn. You can also get scholarships if you have a large, engaged, and relevant audience. Sponsorship agreements will be settled outside YouTube. You can sell your own merchandise. You can also make appearances in movies and TV shows. You can charge for your video content via enabling paid subscriptions on your channel. As you can see, there are very many avenues for you to make money by being a Youtube partner. You can supplement what you earn from advertising.

To make money with youtube partner, avoid all scams that can get you more subscribers, for instance, software that inflates video views, and participating in 'sub 4 sub' where you subscribe to others so as to get them to subscribe back.

To make money with youtube partner, YouTube gives you a branding option where you can put banners, and image maps. You can also brand your channel with mobile options.

It may feel like YouTube’s copyrights are a bit technical. However, all you need to do is write, " I created this video and I own all rights to all content in the video". You will then need to check that you have not recorded any live events, TV shows or live programs in a check box.

Helpful tips

You need to have a large viewership is you are to make money with youtube partner. Here are some tips to help you do so:

- Themes
Have a specific theme. This helps to create a picture of what you are trying to accomplish and who you are. Be consistent in your style and editing. This will build your client’s trust in your brand.

- Tagging
Tagging your videos with keywords after uploading them ensures that the videos show up in search engine results. Listing as many relevant keywords helps to increase viewership. You can also list keywords in your video’s titles.

- Networking
You need to network with other people running channels on YouTube. Promote each other’s content via liking, commenting, and starring in each other’s videos.

All in all, it is very much possible to make money by being a youtube partner. Just ensure that your videos are monetized, have an Adsense account and never use content that is not yours. Build your audience, and utilize all the avenues discussed above to make money with youtube partner and build your audience. Over time, the few cents will begin to count.

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