How to ace video marketing: Influencers

Video Marketing

Influencers can help amplify your content, thus are a crucial part of your video marketing strategy. So, what types of influencers can help you ace your marketing strategy? How can you fully utilize each type? Let us delve into this below:

1. Top fans

Before you begin looking for celebrities to feature in your videos, begin from what you already have: your YouTube community. Are there any influential members? These fans watch your videos, like, favorite them, comment often and have even subscribed to your channel. You need to develop a relationship with such fans. Better still, YouTube has a tool for channels with over 1000 subscribers. This tool is called 'Top Fans'. This tool together with the Google+ page will help you discover your biggest fans so that you can begin to connect with them. Moreover, you can see their demographics, recent comments, an 'engagement score' (favorites, new subscriptions, comments, and likes) and even how long they have been following your channel.

After you have discovered your Top Fans, message them or even add them to a circle on Google+. From here, you
  • Can begin to upload videos privately ensuring that the top fans get to see them before they are released on YouTube
  • Can ask their opinions about your content - you can make their comments private
  • Can also promote and host private hangouts with them. Here, you let them know of your upcoming plans
As a YouTube channel owner, you need to leverage Google+. But you can also opt for another option. The bottom line is that influencers are a crucial part of your video marketing strategy and you must develop a strong relationship with your top engaged fans

2. Social media users

The second type of influencers are people who are based on the various social networking sites, but also use YouTube. The primary motivation for this group of people is to find something that they can share with followers on social media sites. Remember, to reach a wider audience, you need to combine giant YouTube with other social networking sites. According to YouTube’s Creator Academy, “500 years’ worth of YouTube are watched on Facebook daily”, and “700 YouTube videos are shared every minute on Twitter”

To discover important influencers on the various social networking sites, you can use tools like Traackr and Tubular software. The latter tracks over 1.2 billion videos across more than 30 platforms, including giant social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Vine and YouTube.

You need to connect with social media users who engage with your videos, as they share your videos on an extra social media site after they watch it on YouTube, exposing it to a wider audience. If other people on the social network share the video, then there is a multiple effect.

3. Bloggers and Online Journalists

The third group of influencers you need to include in your video marketing strategy are bloggers and online journalists, specifically those dealing with video. These people can help you via embedding YouTube videos and playlists in their stories. To ensure that your content reaches more people, share it with relevant sites, online communities, and blogs. The truth is that blogs and other sites are always looking for great, fresh and relevant content that they can feature.

To leverage these influencers, seek those sites or blogs that have previously featured your video content. When you have something new to publish, inform them in advance and let them publish, share it, or even link to it. However, pitch the right videos to these bloggers and journalists. Moreover, let them know that they are getting 'an inside scoop'. For them to accept your offer, ensure that your content is either topical or trending. If you have a number of videos, you can create a playlist about a trending topic that would appeal to sites and blogs.

To make it easier to engage with such blogs and websites, you can make use of "'As Seen On’ YouTube Pages". This tool highlights the blogs and sites that have embedded videos. When working with these type of influencers, you need to check whether their own video journalists haven’t created their own videos about the same story that you would like them to publish. A good example is the Times Video page on New York Times, which does feature content produced by their own video journalists. However, pitching your videos to top bloggers and online journalists is still a worthwhile effort, as they could embed YouTube videos and playlists in their stories.

4. Others

Sometimes, if people feel that they would like to promote your brand, you could also give them an opportunity to work as your influencers and be part of your video marketing campaign. This is where the concept of affiliate marketing comes in. They may opt to create videos that review your product or how to videos on how it is used.

Some dos and don'ts

It is important to note that some influencers may charge you for promoting your product or service. Whether they charge or not, ensure that you give them some incentives. Where payments are involved, both of you should work together and come up with an approval process

One thing you should never do in a bid to include involve influencers in your marketing campaign is go for famous YouTube channels, just because they are popular. Work with people who have a solid and engaged community. This is likely to benefit both parties ultimately.

It is also important to give some level of control to the influencer when it comes to your videos.

Allow your influencers to be authentic. For instance, if they are creating a video for you, allow some ingenuity, rather than making them follow the script to the letter.

All in All

Influencers have become a very powerful approach to video marketing. All you need to do is identify who you can work with as an influencer, offer some incentive, and create a schedule where you keep contact with them. Over time, this solid base of communities will pay off.

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