An Analysis of 5 Brands that Have Been Successful with YouTube Marketing

An Analysis of 5 Brands that Have Been Successful with YouTube Marketing

YouTube has undoubtedly become the biggest video sharing service on the web. However, with 300 hours of content being uploaded every minute, it is very easy for your brand to go unnoticed. Some brands have been able to step into the spotlight, but most do not feature much. The best they ever get is an occasional viral video blitz or user generated contest. Success is elusive to many brands. Here are 5 brands that have become successful with YouTube marketing:

1. Nike Football

The videos uploaded here are sports videos. The marketing voice is a Fanatical British Soccer Hooligan. While Nike may have financial resources to hire people like Wayne Rooney and use them to advertise their brand, it is their marketing strategies that make them stand out on YouTube.

Nike began to associate itself with sports stars even when it was a nascent brand. It has gone ahead and endorsed deals for sports celebrities. It is important to note that some of the channel’s videos are filmed using unconventional production equipment, for instance, cellphones and webcams.

A part of its YouTube marketing strategy is having a Portuguese channel to cater for countries like Brazil. Nike also has very many channels on YouTube, for instance, NikeBasketball, NikeGridiron, NikeWomen, Nikefutebol, inter alia. Each channel caters for the different audiences in its product lines. This way, viewers are able to easily find content that is relevant.

Nike Academy also has how-to videos and training videos that help football players to improve their skills. One popular video is 'shot stopping', which is a training video that features a warm-up, training and drill routine. It is usually practiced by goalkeeper’s who attend Nike’s football academy. The video also has tips and commentaries from coaches explaining the importance of each drill.

2. Quiksilver & Roxy

This is one of the most successful brands on YouTube. Let us begin by looking at their content:

Their content is usually around lifestyle and sports. They deliver their message via surfing, skating and snowboarding, coupled with rock music. They have webisodes and mini-documentaries which not only show the interesting surfing moments, but also show 'behind-the-scenes'. This way, viewers get to know what happens in professional skating, snowboarding and surfing. There are also vlogs on the pros of various sports, and lifestyle profiles of upcoming musicians.

This content has value to the viewer. They can access free content which would have required them to purchase DVDs if they wanted to know what happens behind-the-scenes in surfing, snowboarding or skating.

- Consistency

Quiksilver posts a video every week. This ensures that they always have fresh content.

As we can see, the marketing strategy applied by Quiksilver & Roxy is content that gives value to the viewer, and consistent uploading of fresh content. It is no wonder then that they are among the most successful brands on YouTube.

3. The Home Depot

This channel’s videos are mainly 'how-to' or educational. The YouTube marketing voice used is 'your next-door neighbor'

This channel’s strategy revolves around publishing content whose subject matter is relevant to the brand, instead of the specific products that they sell. They bring value to their customers via educational content. This way, they stand out as trusted experts for home repairs and renovation projects. They promote the products via product placement instead of commercial pitches. Another aspect of their strategy is featuring the staff in the advertising campaigns. It is members of staff who offer the online tutorials.

The viewers find value in the free content as they get practical knowledge and also save some money.

4. Ford Models

This brand uploads videos on lifestyle, fashion and 'how-to' videos. To communicate they use the voice of an aspirational fashionista.

One may argue that Ford models have their brand benefiting from being advertised by the most beautiful ladies in the world, have resources that many brand marketers do not have access to, and are part of a glamorous industry. Nonetheless, there are aspects of their marketing strategy that have made them part of the top 5 brands that are successful with youtube marketing. Let us delve into them:

- Multi-lingual content

This is something that is very impressive. They upload multilingual content, which broadens their potential viewers all across the world. This also increases their chances of appearing on the list of among the 'most viewed channels'

- Varied Infotainment

Like Quiksilver & Roxy, they have vlogs of models as they travel to exotic locations, tips from pro stylists and behind the scenes videos showing photo shoots as well as fashion shows.

- Persistence

Since 2006, this brand has uploaded many videos. Over time, they have learned what is helpful in their YouTube marketing strategy and what is not. They can now tailor their message to fit their audience’s needs. They also have an archive of searchable content that gets views.

Ford models’ strategy is valuable content and persistence, as they strive to tailor their content to meet their viewers’ needs and expectations.

5. University of Phoenix Online

This channel’s content ranges from webisodes, testimonials to mini-documentaries. The voice used in marketing is every man’s inspiration.

This channel thrives on the fact that many people now want to attend college online, since the Internet is more accessible to many people all around the world. However, despite this advantage, some effort must have been put for the University of Phoenix Online channel to be ranked among the top 5 brands successful with youtube marketing:

This channel has hundreds of testimonials, mini-documentaries, webisodes and reviews. Interestingly, their videos do not have millions of views, and the channel doesn’t have a myriad subscribers. Their objective is to have at least one video that connect with a prospective student, rather than building a subscriber base.

Their YouTube Marketing strategy is having many videos. This way, the chances of a prospective student accessing a relevant video are increased. Some of the most watched videos are a testimonial by Christina Brown, an MSNBC anchor, and a mini-documentary that features a number of graduates sharing their life experiences. They also use compelling and emotionally charged content.

The University of Phoenix’s marketing strategy on YouTube is based on creating valuable, emotionally charged, and relevant content. They also have very many videos making it very easy
for a potential student to access the information that they need.

All in all

The top 5 brands that are successful with youtube marketing have taken time to find out what their viewers are looking for and can engage with. They know what their customers are interested in and are passionate about, as well as what they are searching for. They consistently and frequently upload content that provides value for their audience.
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