Top 8 Actionable Tips for Marketers to Improve Traffic to their Website

Tips for marketer improve web traffic

Marketers and business owners should note that some of the tips discussed herein will not give immediate results, but a majority of the strategies have proved to be effective within shorter periods than expected.

1. Advertising

This one looks so obvious but how it is done plays a major role in directing traffic to your site. There are 3 options:
  •  Social media advertising
  •  Display advertising
  •  Paid searches

These are great ways that marketers can use to get their sites in front of people as well as in building their brands.

You need to evaluate your paid marketing strategies as well as what you want to achieve from them. Are you only looking to increase traffic to your site, or do you want to increase your conversion rates as well? If you are optimistic that more traffic to your site will lead to high conversions, then your paid searches should have high commercial intent keywords.

2. Becoming Social

Marketers need to be proactive. Producing great content is not a guarantee that it will get seen. To increase traffic to your site, you will have to promote your content on social media. You can use Twitter for snappy and short links while Google+ may be used for personalized searches, especially for B2B niches. B2C product company marketers may opt for Instagram and Pinterest since they are more image friendly.

Marketers may also use Facebook and LinkedIn to get in touch with prospective clients and provide them with information regarding their products. The social media platforms may also be used by marketers to run promotions that will drive traffic to their site.

Below are some social media tips for marketers to improve traffic to their sites:

- Facebook remarketing

Marketers and business owners who install a Facebook tracking pixel in their sites are able to keep track of who visits their site thus are able to continue marketing their products and services to them. It is a great way to get return visitors to your site or blog and marketers can start remarketing to a small number of visitors as the numbers grow.

- Twitter cards

This is a great tool that marketers should use to drive traffic to their sites. Twitter cards are similar to normal tweets but carry images and allow the marketer to have built in buttons. They allow you to have attractive images, include calls to action and have special functions such as attaching download links directly to the tweet. Every marketer should embrace twitter cards as research shows that tweets with images get about 18% more clicks than those without images.

3. Create Irresistible Headlines

Headlines remain first among tips for marketers to improve traffic to their websites. A comprehensive blog post that has no compelling headline will in most cases go unread. Before publishing your content, always make a point of going through your headlines until you are certain that it is the best you could develop.

Note that a good headline acts as an open door particularly if most of your content is shared on social media platforms. Always ensure that the headline of your choice articulates to your readers the benefits they will get by reading your post. The headline should pique the reader’s interest.

4. Focus on On-Page SEO

Optimizing content for search engines has remained valuable and worthwhile. You should make use of image alt text in your content. You can also use back links of your previous posts in new content as long as it is relevant. Marketers should not overlook the use of meta descriptions in their blog posts. On-Page SEO is something that should not take marketers long hours to achieve but will result in increased organic traffic to their sites.

5. Create a quiz or promotion

Promotions and quizzes are a fun way that marketers may use to direct traffic to their sites or blogs. Most of the promotions will require people to visit your site to get the information needed to complete the quiz. Once the quiz is created the marketer can then use different social media pages to promote it and then pick a winner.

6. Guest Blog and Invite Others to Blog on Your Site

This is one of the tips for marketers to improve traffic to their websites that is based on a 'give-and take' situation. Securing the opportunity to guest blog on a reputable blog in your niche will help you build brand awareness and increase traffic to your site as people look to get more of what you have to offer.

Marketers should, however, note that guest blogging is two-way. In addition to posting on other blogs, you should invite other people in your niche to post blogs as guests on your site. If someone posts a guest blog, request them to share a link to the post on their site. This way, you will increase your brand visibility.

7. Interview Industry Thought Leaders

Every marketer should make a point of interviewing an industry thought leader irrespective of the size of their business. If they agree to be interviewed, then go ahead and interview them. You then need to post the interview on your site. The name of the thought leader on your blog post will drive traffic as more people will want to know what they said. Request the thought leader to share the interview on their site. This will give your brand more visibility.

8. Embrace Email Marketing

Many marketers are nowadays focused on attracting new visitors to their sites through content marketing and have forgotten traditional methods. Email marketing is a powerful tool, and however moderately your email blast is successful, it may trigger a significant uptick in site traffic. Just ensure that you do not bombard people with emails regarding every update in your business.


There are numerous tips for marketers to improve traffic to their websites. The above tips are by no means exhaustive. Choose what works for you, and be persistent in your marketing efforts.

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