Youtube SEO: Make millions of dollars on YouTube today

YouTube is the latest frontier in marketing brands and companies. Internet access is pervasive at the moment and that means many marketers are swirling around the huge opportunities that the online market is promising. The online community is very fickle, it is ever in a state of flux. One cannot afford to drop the ball in their marketing strategies and how they package their content. The presence of a world of options online makes attention spans of clients very short and they can just jump over to the next material if they are not impressed. The immediacy of the online market makes it crucial for one to have their company, their products and brand visible on YouTube whenever someone browses online.

Youtube SEO: Make millions of dollars on YouTube today

The fact is that the YouTube space is a crowded space with limitless potential. Every marketer wants a bite of the cherry that are visitor’s views. One wants as many visitors and views as possible to make your brand number one on YouTube SEO. Having one’s video optimised on YouTube will ensure that out of the millions of videos posted, that theirs will be the one which will stand out and which people will watch. One should take their time to optimize their videos for SEO so that traffic will be concentrated on their videos. One cannot just sit back and hope that their video goes viral while this is possible the possibilities are usually slim and a lot of work goes into it anyway.

So how does one ensure that their video is the one everybody is watching on YouTube? The main aim of YouTube SEO is to make sure that when people search videos, one’s video is visible and highly ranked. It makes it easy for more and more users to explore one’s content once their video is already set up to be searched for. Some of the most important signals which determine one’s video traffic. There is the number of likes and dislikes, tags, audience retention, length of the video, number of subscribers, the comments left behind, title tag information and keywords. YouTube will use this information to rank one’s video and rank it. For one’s video to get leverage and traffic on their videos, they need to write long video descriptions. The descriptions should be lengthy because the more YouTube knows about the video, the easier it will be to capture a target keyword. One should have a keyword-rich description so that it can be ranked and several options are given to those people who want to views one’s content. If one wants their video o be ranked highly via SEO on YouTube, they should encourage people to like and subscribe to their video and channels. The more likes and subscriptions one gets, the more attention is created around their videos. One can ask their viewers to like and subscribe to their videos. This is done by throwing a persuasive call of action so that people can subscribe at the end of the video. Of course part of marketing is being persuasive and convincing and if one can woo people to subscribe and like their videos, then that will be a major score and YouTube will notice the numbers before ranking it. This step is definitely important because YouTube puts a lot of emphasis on user experience signals and it does not use backlinks. If people subscribe in droves to one’s video, it will send a message of intent to YouTube that they have a valuable video.

Online communities like LinkedIn, Facebook and Reddit are instrumental in YouTube Marketing strategies. If one shares their videos consistently on these platforms the potential to benefit from them is immense. Getting views from these virtual communities will boost one’s stature on their way to YouTube SEO. Sharing of one’s videos in online communities will garner audience retention which is one of the key goals of spiking one’s video views and high ranking on the video sharing site. Platforms like Facebook are good in that if a user likes a video, they will share it and it will soon become widespread if it is exceptional.

One should dedicate themselves optimizing around video keywords. It is one thing for a video to be ranking high on YouTube but it is a totally different league if one’s video is doing well on both YouTube and Google. SEO works magic when on google, the keyword of one’s video appears among the search options. Video Keywords tend to have to have their video results shown on Google’s first page. If someone is browsing and they are not interested in an article about a product or service, they can simply view the video that concerns that products on YouTube but having searched for it on Google. This increases one’s video’s chances of gathering a lot of views. To get one’s video ranked on Google and YouTube, one should ensure that their choice of keyword makes their video results appear on the first page of google.

One should be able to organise their videos into a playlist. This makes it convenient for someone who wants to view all of the content that they have to offer. One should not just have a playlist for the sake of it but they should ensure that that playlist is keyword rich for YouTube to notice what one’s video is all about. The video should be organised into categories about one’s business or what they are marketing. For example “5 reasons to visit Pinnacle Hotel”, another video on the playlist could be “Gym treats at Pinnacle Hotel.”

This should be the ultimate YouTube SEO guide for those venturing into marketing their services and products online. The competition is tight and people are getting more creative, one should not be left behind as the market grows larger with a limitless space which cannot be exhausted. Personal brands, businesses and individuals are cashing in daily from YouTube because they have learned the ropes of doing business online. It is about angling for one’s market and capturing them and putting one’s ventures at the front seat, it all begins with one view, one click and one could be swimming in millions of dollars.

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