8 Ways to Maximize Your Youtube Marketing Results

8 Ways to Maximize Your Youtube Marketing Results
8 Simple (but effective) Ways to Maximize Your Youtube Marketing Results

Youtube and marketing have become almost synonymous in today’s vocabulary. Being the third largest search engine in the world, Youtube has generated a multitude of video content and ten fold more on views, comments, and shares of those videos. For a marketer, this is the perfect breeding ground for a well branded or starting up product or service. Marketing being the difficult task requiring the marketer to reach millions of people and tell them about the brand and getting them on board requires a lot of exposure to get the word out. There is no better way to get the needed exposure than on the internet - the vast sea of information.

With that said, the vast sea of information has ways which a marketer can use to target a certain type of his or her prospective consumers, and video marketing is one of them. If you are already trying out marketing on Youtube, you are off to a great start. You may have posted a few videos and you are waiting for the boom of guests and viewers looking for you. If not, you should certainly consider the benefits of doing so. In any case, these eight tips may serve an important part in the reinventing or slight rearrangement of your current approach.

Tip 1: Utilize feedback

This is especially important to do and keep in mind if you already have videos up and running. Youtube does you great in terms of giving you thorough and detailed feedback on the progress of your video. Statistics review is just one of these ways. In this review, you can track information and progress regarding the various ways viewers are finding your video and your audience cluster. Such information help you plan ahead for the next video in terms of customizing it even more for the targeted audience. Another key information that provides feedback is viewer comments and questions. Their feedback provides you with useful information on how you can better improve your future videos and also give you a boost to the ego on what you are doing correctly.

Tip 2: Create relevant content

To reach the right people, you need the right words and the right content that appeals to them. This is important in marketing because it is about targeting the right prospective clients and customers or the intended audience. Creating valuably informed and relevant content will ensure that you are creating a connection with your audience and pulling them further into your product.

Tip 3: Make that relevant content accessible

Accessible in this sense is how easily anyone on the internet looking for content related to yours can locate your video. You may have great videos in terms of quality and relevance, but people are not finding it. If this is the case, then your marketing approach clearly is not effective. Making your content available and seen easily makes it easier for the targeted audience to locate it and benefit from it. Couple of ways you can increase the visibility of your video is by optimizing tags, the title, and the description to closely match other videos like yours that have high ratings. This helps you appear easily on the search page.

Tip 4: Build relationship with subscribers

Subscribers are your base when it comes to making your Youtube marketing a success. They are an important part of your success in terms of views and shares as well as comments. Building a relationship helps you stay connected. Update them on new videos and upcoming ones. Be human here too, letting them know of some personal information where appropriate. This rapport will certainly aid in retaining and building a new subscriber base

Tip 5: Your Youtube channel, your identity

This is all about branding. You want to create a channel that is personalized and stands out from the rest. A part of this branding process entails creating a custom color scheme for the channel, proper images about your product or service, and video viewing. This uniformity of branding is good for the viewer because it creates a sense of reliability about your brand and a sense of uniqueness of your particular brand. By establishing this, you have established your Youtube identity.

Tip 6: Be all over social media

Youtube may be the center of it all, but it is not the end and the beginning. Your social media tools may help you immensely to get your video out to your audience. Use the sharing features of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, your Blog and the likes to get the word out that your video exists and get some of your friends in on the word. Perhaps they can be your satellite marketers by sharing your video with others.

Tip 7: Create a wide range of videos on various topics

If you keep making videos about one thing, chances are your audience or subscribers are going to get bored sooner or later. In marketing, this is the last thing you want. You want your audience to remain on their toes and continue to be a part of the brand. Making a variety of topics on videos is one way to diversify your playlist and make it more interesting. Take time to be human and create “human” content away from the brand. This will help the viewers identify with you and understand you, creating a connection that is extremely essential in marketing.

Tip 8: Post regularly

Do not allow your viewers and subscribers to go cold while waiting for you to post the next video. This can be a bore that may potentially drive them away. Creating good content regularly is a great place to start in not only further building a strong foundation for your branded channel, but also in keeping your channel relevant. This is instrumental in keeping your video content also relevant and appear on the top of the search list. Regular posting also helps with subscriber relations. If you do well in keeping them engaged and aware of what is going on, chances are they are going to roll and flow with you on your channel and with your brand.

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