Getting Video Embedding Right: A Case Study of GoPro and ULTA Beauty

The buying process has become more complex. Videos and websites are now found at different levels of the sales funnel. The former will be found at the top, and the latter at the bottom. A video will help your customer be aware about your product at the beginning of the purchase journey, at the middle, it will boost the customer’s interest, and ultimately, it helps to seal the deal. When you embed YouTube videos onto your website, they will be watched and shared on both the site and on YouTube.

The shift in buying means that a smart YouTube video marketing approach will require the addition of different calls to action to the same video or playlist on different locations. You will ask viewers to comment, share, like, watch more related videos and/or subscribe to your channel on YouTube. You could also ask them to click on links on the description, especially if you use paid media to promote your videos, or on associated website annotations. On the website, ask customers to fill out a form in order to get more information, sign up for a newsletter or purchase your products and/or services.

Embedding videos on your website is synonymous to asking your visitors to leave. YouTube is a great option for creation of brand awareness, generation of traffic, and engagement. Why should you include a link to YouTube if your customer is already on the site? For embedding to help in branding, leads and conversions, a great deal of work is needed.

Let us look at some more beneficial ways in which your YouTube video marketing strategy can embed videos and playlists. We will borrow from GoPro and ULTA.

1. GoPro

Getting Video Embedding Right: A Case Study of GoPro and ULTA Beauty

This is one of the best channels on YouTube. Here are some of their video marketing techniques:

- Wrapping their YouTube videos in another player

They have a custom playlist and player which blends with the rest of the site. They front YouTube and sometimes videos from Vimeo created by their customers.

- User generated content

GoPro generates content from users in a very interesting way. All they do is give a wearable camera to customers who love outdoor events. They capture the exciting and unforgettable moments by shooting videos, and uploading them on YouTube as well as other social networks.

This company has proved that a tiny camera when used by the right hands could result in the creation of very intriguing content that will appeal to a large audience. The result is the same whether this content is used to advertise, for programming or marketing on social media.

2. ULTA Beauty

Getting Video Embedding Right: A Case Study of GoPro and ULTA Beauty

This is a Fortune 1000 retailer of beauty products. Let us look at their YouTube video marketing strategy:

- Vinja Video

This is a cloud-based software that helps them to synchronize product ordering pages and YouTube videos. The videos are made by beauty experts on YouTube and vloggers who share recent ULTA purchases on social networks.

ULTA uses the software to segment the videos into chapters that are product oriented. The chapters have synchronized links to pages where you can purchase the products. The pages allow the viewers to keep watching the videos as they browse the products.

As part of a YouTube video marketing strategy, Vinja Video works best with information oriented content, relatively long-form content (for instance 5 to 10 minutes), and content that relates to pages or websites. ULTA Beauty uses Vinja to brand and enhance haul videos that are already existent. The videos feature product series and they are usually 5 to 12 minutes long. They are segmented and linked to product purchase pages.

It makes it very easy to browse videos, that is, it allows visitors to scan and access the most captivating parts, just like on a web-page. It therefore exposes content on long-form videos. They can also share deep-links to specific clips or chapters. Marketers are able to track visitor actions, thus adjust their marketing strategy accordingly.

The clips or chapters should be within the range of 1 to 5 minutes. This however depends on the length of the video. The title and description should be short, between 40 and 50 characters. It also needs to be compelling.


As the 2 companies have shown, it is possible to harness the change in buying strategy. You can embed videos in a way that will complement your brand, calls to action and other content. This way your YouTube video marketing strategy will result in a higher return on investment.

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