Why Aren't More Brands Embedding Their YouTube Videos on Their Websites?

youtube embeds brand websites

YouTube Marketing has become one o the most popular marketing tools. For companies, it has become an indispensable tool that connects the brand and the company with the user base. On YouTube, companies have a chance to create video content and share it on the third largest search engine in the worlds. This pretty much equates to a gold mine for companies because it enables an easy reach to prospective customers and clients. With that said, more and more companies have realized the advantages of using YouTube as a marketing tool.

However, there are some companies that have been left behind in the train. Though they are churning out a lot of SEO content on their site, they do very little to use video marketing. This gap can go a long way in drawing the line between success in marketing efforts and failure. The large interconnected world of the web does call for using as many mediums as possible to get word out about a product. Video marketing has become the most efficient way to do this. But even then, why aren't more and more brands using their YouTube videos on their websites?

Especially considering that the ability to embed has been there for a while now, it does not add up. Embedding a video entails having it shown on the website along with SEO content. This enables visitors to the site to view additional content about the brand without having to navigate to the YouTube page and search again about the brand. In many ways, this is a real advantage to the brand because it ensures that potential clients and customers have a one stop shop information hub about the brand or product. When looking at this from the customer's point of view, it makes a lot more sense.

Instead if being directed to go to YouTube, search for a video of a such and such name and watch it, having it right there is a more efficient route. It rids of unnecessary re navigation that may be bothersome and cumbersome. No one wants to do too much work to find information. It is energy consuming and repulsive. This makes it likely that the customer will look around for a company brand has their act together and provide a more streamlined and comprehensive information base. In the end, it is to the dismay of the brand company to lose the customers.

Looking at some reasons why some brands aren't embedding videos to their sites, it is really a matter of miscommunication within the company. Especially when the company has different departments all working on different aspects of marketing, it may miss communicating on how they can merge their content into one. While the brand company may have a department that is responsible for creating video content for the site and publishing them on YouTube. There is also a department that works with updating website content. Sadly, many companies have not yet realized there are many benefits to fuse these two departments together to increase effectiveness of their SEO strategic plan and increased efficiency. When a brand or company has a streamlined line of work between video marketing and web marketing, the result is a beautiful and one stop shop for customers, something that increases the professionalism of the company.

One of the strategies companies can use is by learning exactly how to embed these videos onto the website. The process is relatively simple and allows even those who are not well acquainted with the internet or YouTube. On the YouTube page where the video is published, click on the share link and choose the embed option. YouTube will give you a code to copy and paste onto a website. You can further modify privacy settings to whether you would like the video to show suggested videos after it is done along with other privacy. And just like that, the video is up and published alongside your web content. Considering that this process is very simple, it is worth the few minutes to embed content videos to the company website as one more tool to giving the brand an edge over competition and keeping the content updated. For those that are not yet on board, this is a very serious move to consider as it has many advantages.

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