6 Killer Reasons Why YouTube Is Still King of Online Video

Need a video tutorial for a product demonstration? Check in YouTube. Wish to see the most anticipated football match highlights? Check in YouTube. Right from nursery rhymes till high tech aviation guide, plenty of video is available in the YouTube. Are these reasons enough to state that YouTube is the king of Online Video? These are reasons that everyone confirm to but there is more to it. YouTube is by far the most famous and preferred video sharing application and also the one that has people’s loyalty associated to it. Presently, there are plenty of other video sharing and search engines like Facebook Video, Microsoft’s Bing,..,etc,... and there is news abuzz that the ultra-famous micro blogging site Twitter is also coming up with its 30 second video uploads to posts. Will these competitors affect the fame and name of YouTube as one of the best organized video search engine and upload center?

6 Killer Reasons Why YouTube Is Still King of Online Video

Over years the undisputed king of online search Google has nourished YouTube with finest algorithms that support uploaders and viewers with safe search options. YouTube Video attracts viewership as most of their content that emerges as the winner of top searches are genuine and informative. Similarly, there are plenty of other factors which still make YouTube the king of online streaming.

1. YouTube is legit

Google has powered YouTube with the most powerful search algorithms as well as a lot of conscience. This statement refers to the policy of YouTube contents are legit and they make sure that their work is done the legit way. Be it copyright infringements or an advertisement campaign that is maligning someone YouTube has taken serious concern and has rectified the legal issues with great sincerity and concern. This makes YouTube video the king of video sharing sites

2. YouTube search is matchless

The best search engine is Google and the best video streaming site is YouTube. There is no second thought to this as statistics too prove the same fact. Google has a powerful search algorithm that fetches videos more relevant to the searched keyword and sometimes they use location information to fetch the proper content. Also their auxiliary suggestions help one to navigate to the next video with ease.

3. YouTube Contents are protected

Every content uploaded through YouTube has an associated content ID and hence one can easily track if there is illegal download of the video without permission. Their tracking algorithms are beyond imagination as there is a huge involvement of effort, time and money in making the video upload safe secure and also protected. Video creators can sit back relaxed and enjoy their copyright benefits if they have posted their video through YouTube channel. Each owner gets an option to create his own YouTube channel and append his video into the playlist. All a viewer needs to know is the channel name and subscribe to the same. Alerts, notification related to any new update comes to your mail box. With these features is there a doubt related to YouTube’s content protection policies?

4. YouTube ensures correct view count and appropriate advertisement campaigns

Any video creator spends hours together to put all his mind and hard work to create the best video for him. All that matters to the creator is the number of likes he garners and the views. So then how YouTube does make profit? It is all from the advertisement campaigns that pop up during the course of the video. And what do they do? YouTube has a good analytic strategy as to the choice of the advertisement campaign that they associate with the video. Also their technique of associating a regional language advertisement to the watcher increases the viewership in general. Unlike other video streaming sites, YouTube does not click a view until the video has played for 30 seconds minimum. By this way, if the viewers are not satisfied with a video and they reject it within seconds, YouTube too pushes it away from being listed during searchers. Their analytical algorithms work hard to always place the most wanted and most genuine video on top.

5. The new idea of YouTube Offline viewership

This feature is the most talked about feature recently. YouTube in order to please its viewers has introduced offline video watching mode where video is downloaded into a temporary cache memory in the mobile phone or laptop. One can enjoy this one time download for some time until the cache gets cleared. This helps users to stay away from buffering issues and low speed problems. Many regular users of YouTube have appreciated this feature wholeheartedly as the download is free of cost.

6. YouTube and Free upload

What does it costs to upload a YouTube Video? Absolutely nothing. YouTube is still free for its users and hence many prefer to use the same channel to publish their work. YouTube with their brilliant back office analytics, compute all required information related to the video viewership, likes, and comments and then uses these details to popularize the video on web. And also any one can make money easily with YouTube Video upload. One can post a video for free and get your cash registers ringing with very less paper work and legal proceedings.

When a statistical survey was conducted in the US where online video viewership from home, work, university etc were analyzed, it was found that almost 97 percent of the viewing was through Google site which was nothing but YouTube. Also for smart phones, YouTube has a smart video accessing application that has improved quick and easy online video access in comparison to its ardent competitors like Facebook, Bing,...etc... Though Face book and Bing are leaving no stones unturned to beat YouTube, like improving their User interface, thumbnail previews, summary option, video statistics display etc, and they are still new kids on the block whereas YouTube is the king of Online Video sharing already. To conquer and win the throne, these guys have to think and work double than the Google guys.

Apart from these features, the main and the most prominent reason why YouTube is reigning the video streaming scene is that when one blindly searches for a video in Google- the most widely accepted search engine, it defaults to YouTube Video uploads and thus accessibility wise, this is the most user friendly video search engine for common man and as well as technical experts.

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