The growth of your business depends on the use technology. Companies that have embraced social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram as well as youtube to market their products have continued to perform better over years. Our greatest interest in this discussion is the use of Youtube to market products. Youtube optimization is one of the leading tactics when it comes to local search engine optimization. The technique is very effective in the local business setting because most of them do not create nor publish video promotions but instead they seek for help. Before you think about the technical tips that will help you to optimize your videos on Youtube, you need to look at the content itself. Despite the fact that our tips will benefit you regardless of the video you are going to post on youtube, the will have an added advantage if you post a compelling video. In other words, the subject matter and the way convey greatly determine of your success on Youtube. With many poor quality as well as low-resolution videos being posted daily, you can take advantage by coming up with excellent videos that will make you to stand out from the rest. Whether one is going to watch the video alone or share it with some of the friends, quality is very important and that why we have outlined for you 10 tips for using youtube to kill at local SEO.


1. Utilize on the description field provided fully

You can mention your name, mobile phone number and address in the description text provided by Youtube. The description field is quite generous because apart from describing the video, you can add more information about yourself or any other thing that you feel will help identify you. Furthermore, you can write a short and clear biography about your company so that you increase on its popularity across the globe.

2. Tag your videos

You can have the location of your business or its category as the tag for your video before posting. The keywords tagging is one of the best ways of Youtube optimization hence you need to pay great attention on the same if at all you want to do better than others do.

3. Link your videos to your business

Before posting any video on youtube, ensure that you add a link to your business so that anyone who wants to know more about the products can easily check for the same without having to waste time looking elsewhere. In most cases, these links are automatic and Youtube does not make any follow up on them.

4. Relate your video with the Google places listing provided elsewhere

Adding a video to the business listing for the different Google places will also help in Youtube optimization. While including the URL on the Google places, remember to use the entire URL however long it may look since shortening will only lead viewers to the wrong destination thus leading to loss of potential customers.

5. Associate your videos with the nearest Google+ local page

Adding your videos to Google + local page will also help in optimizing your business on youtube. After adding the video, you can ask your employees and other stakeholders to share the same with their friends and other people within the industry. The more shares you will have by the end of the day, the more popular you will become as a business.

6. Ensure that you Geotag the videos

You need to Geotag the videos to associate them with the geocoordinates of your business. To geotag, you simply go to the advanced settings of your video on the video manager. You will come across a search options provided by youtube. Enter the address of your area and then click on search. You location will pop up on a small map that allows you to refine the location by simply dragging the site’s pinpoint maker. After saving the changes, youtube will convert the information about your location into longitudes and latitudes for storage. Any other thing related with the video you have posted will remain relevant. As long as the Google’s video manager interface does not stop to collect data, there is that possibility of having your data back.

7. Embed the videos

You can embed your videos on your website page or blog if you have one for your business. The number of embeds realized is yet another factor that indicates your popularity. As many marketers keep asking whether it is good to host their videos on their websites or have them on Youtube instead, you need to understand Youtube housing has more benefits.

8. Promote of the videos

Apart from uploading the videos on youtube and sitting back waiting for people to view them, you can promote them on different social media platform like facebook, twitter, tumblr as well as Google + just to mention a few of them. The more you promote the video on different platforms the more potential customers you will reach.

9. Include your name, phone number and address on the video

Including your name, phone number and address at the end of the video will make it easy for one to recognize you. If you have a URL then you can equally include it on the video. While giving these details ensure that they are accurate to avoid channeling traffic to another website without knowing.

10. Add your name, phone and address to your audio

This is slightly different from adding details to your video. Adding these details to your audio will be a good idea since sometimes Youtube converts them automatically into text transcripts with help from Google systems. This will only happen if your videos on youtube have recognizable speeches.

In summary, youtube optimization is among the leading social media marketing tactics that you can use to promote your products. To achieve this, you need to promote your videos, embed them and relate them with Google + local page among other techniques. In addition, you have tag your videos and provide your name, phone as well as location at the end so that anyone interested in any of your products can reach within the shortest time possible. If you have a URL then you can include it as long as you write it in full because shortcuts may not lead potential buyers to your website.

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