Plunging Into The World of Viral Videos

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What is a viral video?

A viral video is a clip of film or animation that spreads, literally like a virus, immediately online through video sharing websites like Youtube and other social media. Once these videos reach an audience, they almost instantly create a buzz of popularity and fanfare. Typically as a whole, Viral videos are of the humorous variety and if one really catches fire, views can go upwards into the millions. These are the three main categories in which the subjects usually fall:

  • Unintentional: Usually a candid capture of a funny moment that was never intended to go viral.
  • Humorous: These videos normally are created with the intention of being funny and evoking laughter
  • Promotional: Usually a marketing tool for brand promotion, intended to be spread virally.
The ease and economics of video editing and user friendly publishing tools have helped garner this fascination into the widespread phenomenon that it is today. Viral videos are almost solely responsible for "internet fame" and it's rise in popularity is the reason for the coined phrase "gone viral".

How to create a viral video

If you have ever had the hankering and desire for creating a world famous viral video, there are a few traits that need to be utilized in the process, here a few of those traits:
  • Always keep your video short and compact, usually an ideal running time would be in the ballpark of around 15-90 seconds.
  • Make sure the style of the video can easily be edited or remixed.
  • Never intend on using advertisement.
  • Make certain there is an element of surprise or shock incorporated.
Always make sure at least one of these benchmarks of style are a point of emphasis:
  • Funny
  • Unique
  • Gross
  • dangerous
  • strange/odd
  • Worthy of the viewing publics attention

How to spread a video on Youtube

The viral video pandemic is spread through various social network sites like Youtube. One of the forefather videos that hand a hand in this current trend was the world famous "Dancing Baby". When you decide that your masterpiece video is ready for the spotlight and you want it to reach the eyes of future fans there are a few tips to remember.

Does the video have sharable qualities

In this fast paced world of the internet, word travels at the speed of light. Sites such as viral video Youtube, Upworthy and Buzzfeed are the dynamic origins of getting out popular viral videos. The momentum of your video lives and dies on sharing. If your viewers endure conflict to spread the word, your chances of spreading it are seriously in crisis. Give the process simplicity by leaving social media sharing link in the most ideal spots. Many viewers will click away almost instantly but if you can leave a little bit of encouragement to share the video will help differentiate it from non-existence.

Make the video enjoyable and entertaining

Let's face the facts here, if the video isn't enjoyable and nobody likes it then the simple likelihood of it gaining popularity and spreading is rendered futile. Make it fun, breezy and eye-catching. Topics that are mundane and irrelevant become quick casualties in this highly competitive hobby. You want your video to appeal to the crowd that you intend the video to go viral with, be hasty and quick with the approach.

The shorter the better

Keeping your video at close length is a deal breaker in this campaign. Simply make it appropriate for the internet which in turn means focus on the timing of when an attention span is at it's most focused. A good rule of thumb is to have something cool and notable happen within the first 5 seconds, this way you grab the audiences attention and have a good chance of keeping there eyes on you.

Give them a plot

The masses tend to enjoy something with a story, whether it's in the news, books, comics, ect. Videos are a great form of communication regardless, but if you add some meat to it, with a story, it will gain the audience knowledge of it's meaning therefore keeping there attention all the way to the end. Find the perfect balance and communicate your idea in the most fitting way that will benefit your hard work.

The need for viral video Youtube is hot right now and what does the old saying tell you to do with that iron? strike while it's hot. Through these fine tips and other online resources abound, you are more than well equipped to become the next viral video Youtube phenom. So get that video rolling, your audience awaits.

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