How to Download Youtube Videos WITHOUT Software

YouTube has the largest collection of videos on every day’s happenings around the world. It is a website where you can watch videos online on any topic that you need. Sometimes you find a video that is very interesting and would want to download it into your PC. Downloading a YouTube video may be that simple because there is no direct option where you can click and get your video downloaded. Herein are some tips download YouTube video that will help you in case you find that video you cannot hear enough of viewing it online.

This article will show you the ways to Download Youtube Videos WithOut Software

#1. Use website

One of the simplest tip and trick to downloading a video from YouTube is by typing of the words "ss" just before the word YouTube in the address bar (E.g: When you press the enter button, YouTube will redirect itself to another website ( There, you will find that your video content will be ready in forms of various options like 3gp, FLV and MP4. You will then be free to choose any kind of video format from the ones given depending on the quality that you want. Immediately you click on the contents provided, your video starts downloading into your PC.

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#2. Use website

Another best trick is by the use of Keepvid URL. Keepvid is one best and most trusted way that has been used by most people to download their favorite videos from YouTube. Here, you will start by opening YouTube and search for the song that you want to download. When you get its URL, copy it and paste in the Keepvid website. The process then becomes very easy, as you will be given the "Download Now option". In case there is JAVA run-time installed, then you will find a number of options and formats to downloading your video such as FLV, MP4 or 3gp and many more. You can download JAVA run-time and install it in your PC and make your video download experience easy.

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#3. Through website

Moreover, there are other simple ways of downloading your video from YouTube is by the use of SaveVid. Go directly to the website where you will be given a dialog box that will give you an option to paste your video URL. By clicking "enter" you will be prompted by options such as MP4, FLV or 3gp. You will then be free to choose on the type of video you want to download.

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#4. Through website

Furthermore, CatchVideo is the other trick to downloading a video from YouTube. CatchVideo provides the fastest way to download a video from YouTube. As the name suggests, "catch" it is very simple to catch your video from YouTube or other sites like the Dailymotion. You will transfer the video link from YouTube and paste in the dialog box in the CatchVideo and after entering that URL, you will be provided with options to download your content like the webm, mp4, 3gp, flv and m4a.

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In conclusion, there are various ways to getting that video whether a song, movie or just a clip that you would like to view offline in your PC. The above tips would aid you in getting your video from YouTube into your PC. When downloading a video from YouTube it is very important to choose the high quality content and also embed only some helpful video parts.

That's done. Now, Enjoy it!

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