Top 10 Essential YouTube Tips and Tricks

YouTube Tips and Tricks

Today, the ultimate video streaming destination is YouTube. Apart from the usual videos and their reviews, YouTube underlines a lot more that not many of us are aware of. These are simple tips and tricks to enhance the viewer's experience of watching YouTube videos. 10 Youtube tips and tricks are given below that may come in handy while browsing this site.

1. YouTube Converter

YouTube converter is a means to convert the format of the videos you are watching on YouTube to a desired downloadable format. One such converter can be found on which is a mobile site (revertible to full site) wherein one can enter the YouTube URL of the video to be converted, select the desired format and convert it The advantage with this site is that it is reliable and the videos can easily be downloaded once they are converted.

2. GIF the videos

One can easily use the gif feature on YouTube by adding "gif" before "youtube" in the URL. This would take you to a tools page wherein you can easily cut and export the video.

3. Slow motion videos

In order to view a video in slow motion mode, hold on the space bar for a few seconds and enjoy the slow motion visual of the video.

4. To share Youtube video to be played from a specific time

There are times when one would want to share a particular video to a friend. To avoid the extra effort of telling them from where to start watching the video, one can easily send the link in such a way that the video itself starts from the time where you would want your friend to start watching the video. This can be done by adding "#t=01m08s" to the end of the URL, where 01 is the minute and 08 is the second from where you would like the video to start for your friend.

5. YouTube Disco

With this feature provided by YouTube one can easily create a playlist of his/her favorite artist and play it on YouTube.

6. Mood wall

Mood wall is another hidden feature of YouTube whereby one can choose videos as per their moods as the videos themselves are categorized according to different moods that a person

7. Changing the quality of the videos

It is quite cumbersome to change the quality of every video to be watched. In order to play it permanently in a particular quality, one can use the following URL:
Using this URL you can easily change the quality of the videos you watch.

8. Video Editor

With the YouTube video editor one can easily edit the videos to be uploaded. The major features provided by this editor are:
  • Combine multiple videos
  • Trim the videos
  • Add background soundtracks
  • Add effects to the videos and customize them

9. Remove unwanted ads

Though the ads that are shown just before streaming a video seem irritating but are unavoidable. An alternative that one can use is to choose the kinds of ads he would want to watch. This can be done by using the Ad preferences' feature of YouTube.

10. Magic keys

The keyboard does it all Some of the keys that can be used to operate simple tools while watching a video are given below:
  • Space bar-pause/start
  • Side arrows- fast- forward (right arrow) and rewind (left arrow)
  • 0- start from the beginning
  • End/Home- reach the end of the video
  • Numbers- to reach certain point of the video in percentage terms like: 1-10%, 2-20%, etc...

The internet can be quirky at times with some tricks that might be harmful but the tricks and patterns given above will only make your YouTube surfing experience better. It is time-saving and quite easy to use Trying them out won't be a waste of effort for sure.

If you have any questions, please post a comment. We'll be more than happy to reply! Thank you!

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